Chapter 1

Meet Veronica and Glory Bernard, sisters who have recently relocated to Sunset Valley to make a fresh start.


Although they are sisters, they tend to see life through very different perspectives.  Veronica, as you can see, dwells on the negative.


Whereas Glory never fails to find the silver lining in life.  It annoys Veronica to no end.


Veronica is soon scouting the new neighborhood and finds out that there are a couple of single brothers living right next door.  She seems to make a decent impression on Connor Frio.


But she is immediately more interested in his brother, Jared.  He looks more like a bad boy, and Veronica likes bad boys!


It looks like Glory and Connor have hit it off.  They find they have a lot in common, including their goodhearted nature.


Although she would never admit it, Veronica is jealous of her sister’s look and physique.


She decides to hit the gym in an attempt to outshine her sister.  Unfortunately, the gym hits back.


She spies the perfect excuse to “take a break.”  Jared has arrived at the gym.  She is pleased to discover that they have more in common.  Thank goodness, it doesn’t look like he’ll nag her about “being nice” the way Glory often does.


After Jared has to leave, Veronica’s in high spirits.  She decides it’s time she made her first enemy.


Veronica’s an expert when it comes to infuriating people, so it doesn’t take long before she goads the woman into fisticuffs.


Glory is using her time perhaps a bit more wisely, continuing to get to know Connor Frio.


Jared was prepared to dislike Glory based on Veronica’s description of her, but he’s entranced the first time he really takes a look at her.  Perhaps his sibling rivalry with Connor lends a bit more interest to her for him as well.


Connor’s not really the competitive type, and he steps away graciously to give Glory the chance to speak with his brother.  He’s lost women to Jared in the past due to his passivity, but he has a feeling that Glory is not like the others and won’t be swayed by Jared’s tough-guy swagger.  Whether or not Glory is impressed, there can be no doubt that Jared is taken with her.  He knows they’re opposites, but hey, opposites attract! 


When Veronica gets home and heads over to the Frios, she’s not delighted by what she finds.  “Poor Connor is all alone up there, Glory.  Don’t you have any consideration for his feelings?”


Glory is horror stricken at the thought and rushes off to find Connor.  However, Jared isn’t pleased by Veronica’s interruption and finds an excuse to head out of the house soon afterward.


This puts Veronica into a bad mood, and she stalks outside after Jared and kicks over his trash can as he drives away.  That’ll show him!


By contrast, Glory couldn’t be in a better mood.  Things are going very well for her and she shows her charitable nature as she donates to feed the homeless of Sunset Valley.


It’s a beautiful day.  She and Connor meet at the beach, and  they’re soon deep in a good conversation.


And Glory, with her generous spirit, finds an opportunity to give Connor a nice, relaxing massage.


Connor is happy that Glory has expressed her fondness for him and relieved that she has no interest in his brother.  He feels free to start their romance.


A few days later, Connor asks Glory to move in!  However, it will be  just as platonic roommates (unless/until she wants more).  Since they already spend so much time at his house, he figures why not consolidate costs and get together more easily.


Glory’s pleased that Connor is true to his word.  He keeps a gentlemanly distance and gives her his bedroom.  Connor will now bunk with his brother.


Veronica wasn’t exactly invited, but the sisters have always kept together, so she moves in too.


Jared is not entirely thrilled with this whole turn of events when he gets home.  But life goes on, and they all manage to get along with each other for the most part and focus on their respective careers and social lives.  As you can see, Jared is an aspiring chef.


Connor has joined the newspaper staff as a reporter.  He hasn’t had much luck in tracking down a big story yet though.


Glory has gotten a job in politics.  Veronica thinks she looks dowdy these days, but Glory feels like she’s finally doing something mature and responsible and should dress accordingly.  She hopes to truly change the world one day.


It’s probably no surprise that Veronica has entered into a life of crime.  She definitely prefers the sexier outfit that goes along with the profession.


Veronica is bored and decides it’s time to meet more neighbors.


Well, this is interesting.  Pauline Goddard seems to have a girl crush.


Look at how they’re staring at her…  This would creep anyone else out.


But since Veronica seems cool with it, Hank decides to go ahead and proposition her.


“You mean go to bed with you?”


“I mean go to bed with both of us.  If you can handle that.”


“The question is if you two can handle me!  Look, seriously, you’re cute and all, but your wife… not so much.”


Scorned, Pauline walks away crying.


Veronica  is actually interested in Hank – I mean, look at those muscles – until she learns that he’s in law enforcement.  They soon get into a heated argument which doesn’t end with anyone between the sheets.


Irritated, Veronica decides to swipe their deck lounger.  That’ll show ’em.


Maybe it’s karma, but later that night, one of her heists does not go so well…


Her accomplices manage to get away, but Veronica is hauled off to jail.


With Veronica away and his brother out canvasing the neighborhood for a story, Jared can’t resist trying to get close to Glory again.  Call her naive, but Glory really believes he’s just being friendly.


Surprise!  Veronica’s out on bai thanks to Connor, and she’s none too happy to come home to find Jared and Glory in what looks to be an intimate situation.  She really lets loose on Glory, who, of course, denies any wrongdoing.  Jared is taken aback by their intensity.  Maybe pursuing Glory just isn’t worth the possible loss of life and limb Veronica implies he might suffer…  We’ll have to find out in the next part of the story.


7 thoughts on “Friends…Enemies…Sisters

  1. This is getting good…I hope you decide to finish this story sometime in the future. It’s ironic about Pauline in your game with the lips emo while staring at Veronica. She seems to do that a lot in my game towards other female Sims as well. Even though her and Hank are together.

    You got a good story going here…Keep it up. Kudos!!

    1. Thanks! I’m about to post the next chapter, and there are tons to come. I’ve really enjoyed playing this family. Something strange/funny has always seemed to happen, and I feel more like I’m writing a biography than fiction sometimes!

  2. Hi *waves*

    I really like the writing style, it’s very different from all the sim stories I’ve read. A good different of course 🙂

    Off to read more

  3. Great start on Chapter one, love the story so far, I was not sure what to make of Veronica at first, but she started to grow on me. You should keep this story going!
    I’ll get to the next chapter soon.

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