A Few New Sims

Let me introduce a few new sims that I created via CAS genetics experiments.  A CAS genetics experiment is where I pair some random male and female sims (created by me or downloaded from the exchange) and cycle through their possible offspring until I come up with an attractive, interesting result.  It’s great fun to see all the possibilities, which often exceed my expectations, both to the positive and the negative.

This is Alina Bryant.  She may not be the most beautiful female sim, but I think she has an interesting, quirky look.  Download her here.

And here is Miles Smith.  It’s not easy to generate a handsome male sim in CAS, even if both parents are attractive.  It’s almost like there’s a directive in EA’s code that drives the males to look as ugly or strange as possible.  Fortunately, every now and then you get lucky, as I think I did this time.  Download Miles here.

Finally, here’s Meg Bryant.  Even as a tiny thumbnail in the generation screen, she caught my eye.  I think she’s just gorgeous.  I went ahead and uploaded her to the Exchange despite my intention never to do so again because I felt like I just had to show her off.  She’s gotten a decent number of recommendations but not that many downloads, so I don’t know if she’ll escape the culling.  In case not, download her here.


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