Strike a Pose

I’m trying my hand at a sims modeling contest, my first, and I’m using my sim Meg Bryant.  The contest is called Strike a Pose and is in its 3rd cycle.  If you browse the Sims 3 forums, you’ll find that there’s a ton of modeling contests running.  I never gave them much thought before, but this contest has requirements that piqued my interest.  In particular, it requires that contestants not edit the screen shots that they take in game for each challenge.

I love taking photos (screen shots) in the sims, and I typically do not edit my shots in any major way.  I do apply highlights/shadows in some cases to heighten colors, and sometimes I’ll add a frame to the photo, but I never use fake backgrounds, etc.  I like the challenge of getting a shot that can stand on its own without any editing, so I decided to join SAP.

The first challenge is to shoot ones sim in a “collegiate” setting with a preppy look.  Beyond that basic directive, everything about the shoot is up to you.  You must submit one full body and one mid body shot as well as a short roleplay in order to complete the challenge.  I had a lot of initial ideas for the shoot, but before I even got to the point of setting up the layout, extras, and models, I figured I’d better go looking for the clothes that would work best for my vision of “preppy” and then for the lot that would work for and inspire the setting.  Just hunting around for the custom content and lot took a lot more time than I’d expected.  I found a great, free college lot on TSR, and while I could have staged the shots I used anywhere in the end (as they were interior shots), I felt like the shots had more integrity being on an actual campus.

I had a lot of difficulty deciding on a final scenario.  Meg’s traits and the bio I gave of her for the contest fit quite well with this challenge; a 19 year old college student with the photographer’s eye trait and a lifetime want to be a visionary.  I figured I could do the shoot in “her” college of the arts and focus either on a photography studio or art studio.  I had a strong vision for each scenario.  Below are the best shots I took from each of them.  I won’t reveal which I decided upon until after the shots are actually posted on the SAP blog.  Which do you like best?

Art Studio:

Photography Studio:


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