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I was pleasantly surprised that I scored pretty well on the first challenge of the Strike a Pose competition, since I really hadn’t known what to expect.  My only disappointment was that 2 of the 3 judges did not recognize the “green screen” in my photos and wondered why I was randomly using the color!  One judge suggested that I use more angles.  Just goes to show how much of a newbie I still am when it comes to sim photography, as I didn’t even realize that it was possible to use angles.  Shift-A and shift-D are my new best friends!  

So, on to the next challenge.  It was to show the “bridal side” of your model.  It involved setting up two separate scenarios instead of just one.  We could choose to photograph the bachelorette party and wedding or planning the wedding and the wedding itself.  I didn’t have too many ideas to start with, and as with the prior challenge, I went with the first strong idea I had.  I had no clue what I would do for a wedding planner scene, so I wrote it off immediately.  Maybe if there was more party/wedding clutter in the game, I might have attempted it, but there is very little.

I went with the bachelorette party/wedding scenes but decided to throw in a twist.  I’m really focusing on my model’s stated traits in order to prompt story ideas for these challenges.  In this case, Meg is “good” so I imagined that her real challenge was facing a shoot where she was asked to portray a woman discovering that she might not be ready to get married after all.  I imagined her discomfort when having to pose in front of  scantily clad male dancers at the bachelorette party and then when actually calling off the wedding. 

I’m very pleased with how the pictures came out, especially the bachelorette party picture.  Everything came together just as I’d hoped for that shot, but it took *forever* to set up.  The wedding wasn’t as easy.  I was pretty tired by the time I got to it.  Setting the scene wasn’t difficult, as I already had a nice church in mind, and with a little updating of patterns, addition of cross, statues, etc., it was ready.  I had to spend some time on the wedding attire of course, but I had a pretty clear picture of what I wanted there too.  My main difficulty was with the extras.  

I use Chaosmod to set up animations for my sims, but there seems to be a limit to the number of sims that can have looping animations at once.  I had 8 sims total in the scene but could only get about 5 of them to keep animating.  I don’t know if it’s a limit in the mod itself or has to do with my system, but I had to just eliminate one of the background characters and hope for the best with the other two.  They were all mostly cooperating in the final shot, but it’s not exactly what I wanted.  I’m not sure if the judges will notice that the model is pointing to her left hand as if to show there’s no ring on it either.  If they don’t, they may wonder about her pose.  Hopefully, my bachelorette shot is strong enough to overcome any weaknesses in the wedding shot.  I don’t hold out a high hope of winning, but it would be nice, as it would grant immunity on the next challenge.  Wish me luck!

A couple of outtakes from the bachelorette party:

I loved the humor of both of the shots, but the goal was to show the model overcoming her discomfort, so I didn’t use them.


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