Friends…Enemies…Sisters – Part 2


Chapter 2

When we left off in part 1, Veronica had just gotten out of prison and was not thrilled to find Jared Frio and her sister Glory looking cozy when she got home.  Glory insists that it isn’t what it looks like, and Jared just tries to keep out of the way.


But he can’t escape Veronica’s wrath for long.  “How could you go after my sister when you know your brother is in love with her?”  Veronica doesn’t really care about Connor Frio’s feelings; it just seems like a good angle.


“I wasn’t really going after Glory.  I was just lonely; I missed you.”  Jared definitely knows what a woman wants to hear.  It looks like Veronica’s softening a bit…


But no, she’s not taken in that easily.  “You missed me, huh?  Well, how come you never visited me or even called during all those lonely days I spent in jail?  I’m out of here!”


Jared’s got other things on his mind, so he doesn’t pursue Veronica.  He just found out that he’s a father!  Claire Ursine gave birth to a baby girl that he believes is his.  Now, he’s gone over to her house to meet his daughter.  He rings the bell, but there’s no answer.  He tries pounding on the door, still no answer…


He steps back and peers through a window.  Aha, Claire is definitely home, and there’s the baby!  He calls to her and then goes back to ring the bell some more, but she never lets him in.


In the meantime, Veronica’s decided that she can do better than Jared Frio.  She spots a guy at the gym that she definitely thinks could have potential


But unfortunately, he turns out to be yet another goody-two-shoes.  This town is just full of ’em.


She takes out her aggressions on River McIrish.  Veronica’s mollified.  It looks like she’s found another nemesis.  You can never have too many!


Jared continues to haunt Claire Ursine’s doorstep in an attempt to see his daughter.  Claire continues to ignore him.


Veronica keeps scouting the town for eligible bachelors but she’s mostly just making more enemies.  This is her third fight in the park today!


Jared has finally caught Claire during one of her walks.  “Claire, please.  I know I was a jerk to you, ignoring you after we spent that night together, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about our daughter.  Family is very important to me.  Please let me see her.  I just want to get to know her…”  The most Claire will do is agree to think it over.


Veronica returns home and is feeling a bit desperate.  She decides to put the moves on Connor, but he rebuffs her.


After Connor asks her what on earth brought that on, Veronica admits that it’s really Jared she wants, but she’s been too angry with him to admit it.


By the time he gets home from his encounter with Claire, both Jared and Veronica are ready to put their fight in the past.  Veronica butters him up with a deft massage.


And Jared finally takes her in his arms.  He needs some comfort, and here it is.


They have their first kiss at last.


One thing leads to another, and they find themselves in the bedroom.  Jared is eager to forget his troubles.


But Veronica senses something’s not quite right.  She realizes Jared’s mainly trying to distract himself from his family issues, and that isn’t the kind of woohoo she wants.  Jared’s disappointed, but he’s not angry.  He understands where Veronica is coming from.


In the meantime, the highlight of Glory’s night is cleaning the sink!


The next morning, Jared goes over to Claire’s house again.  This time he’s determined that he won’t take no for an answer.


Persistance pays off, and he’s in!  Unfortunately, a little while into their first civilized conversation in over a year, it’s clear why the two of them didn’t really mesh beyond their one-nighter.  They end up arguing, and Claire tells him to get out.


Connor’s gotten a bit desperate lately in his attempts to further his journalism career.


But he always remembers to shower when he gets home.  That certainly helps when he decides to ask Glory if they can woohoo.  And he scores!


He knew his chances with Glory were slim anyway, but when Jared sees the closed bedroom door and realizes what his brother is up to, he boohoos like a nooboo. 


Glory is vigorously pursuing her political career.  She’s starting to really win friends and influence people.  It’s easy to appeal to most of them due to her good, friendly nature and her focus on putting the family first.


Today is Jared’s lucky day.  Claire has decided to let him visit their daughter, Lucia.  She’s a toddler now, and Jared is thrilled to finally hold her in his arms.


He’s overcome with emotion.


And in the heat of all that emotion, he makes a run for it with his daughter.


However, not long after they return to the Frio household, the reality of caring for a toddler on his own sets in.  Guess who winds up doing most of it in the end?  Yep, poor, sweet Glory gets conned into it.


Veronica is not happy at all when Jared breaks the news to her.


And whenever she finds the little brat alone, she doesn’t hesitate to steal her candy.


Jared didn’t see what happened.  All he knows is that Lucia cries…a lot.  He’s beginning to wonder if taking custody of her was such a bright idea.


Veronica can’t stand the wailing at all…even though she causes most of it.


She heads to the gym.  “I’ve still got it.  Do I really want to keep dating a guy with a kid?  Hmm…”


Glory and Connor are at work, and Veronica wouldn’t help even if she was home, so Jared is left with responsibility for some jobs he really hates.  For him, emptying the potty is like wading through a sewer.


But later, when he gets a giggle out of Lucia, it all seems worth it.  He does love her.


Jared takes a good deal of pride in teaching her new skills too.


As they spend more time together, it looks like Lucia may have inherited her father’s interest in cooking.


Veronica is irritated to see the depth of his devotion for the little interloper.


As usual, she takes out her aggressions on an innocent bystander at the gym.  The woman is so frightened that she pees herself.  Could anything be more humiliating?  Veronica feels much better though.


Connor and Jared have a little heart-to-heart regarding their relationships.  Connor is madly in love with Glory, but Jared’s not at all sure where his relationship with Veronica is headed.


And it’s Jared’s birthday!  He’s an adult now.  Maybe his newfound maturity will help him in his role as a father as well as in his relationship with Veronica.


Although Veronica is out of the house most of the time lately, jogging and working out at the gym during the day and pursuing her “career” at night.


Glory’s finally getting some good promotions an earning more political responsibility in the town.


Lucia has found the perfect hiding place for the rare times when Veronica’s around.


Jared’s had a rough day at work.  Today’s Lucia’s birthday.  They hadn’t hired a clown, but now they’ve got one anyway!


He’s surprised to see Claire at the party, not only because he thought she’d still be angry regarding his essential kidnapping of their daughter but also because she looks so fit and trim now.  Apparently, life without the responsibility of childcare has been good to her.


Lucia is thrilled to have both of her parents there for her birthday.


And here she is, a child now, ready for the next phase of life.  Will she continue to live with her dad as she grows up, despite the nasty treatment from Veronica?  Will the two couples move forward with their relationships, or are big break-ups in the making?  Find out in Part 3.


4 thoughts on “Friends…Enemies…Sisters – Part 2

  1. Aww Lucia is so cute! Man Veronica is like Evil incarnate isn’t she? I love that shot of her pummeling Agnes. No wonder she grows up to be a mean old woman. lol

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