Banner Sims

I thought it was about time I posted the sims that make up the banner on my blog.  These attractive ladies and gents are yours to enjoy with a single click!

First is Brevin Wells.  He was a CAS genetics experiment, and I think he has an interesting, a-typical look.  Just click on his picture to download him.

Next is Anne-Marie Garson, another CAS genetics experiment.  I think she’s sultry and exotic.

Michael Silver is – you guessed it – a CAS genetics experiment.  Yes, I really love throwing sims together in CAS and seeing how their genetics combine.  Michael turned out well, I think.

Finally, here’s Darla Frio.  Darla is not a CAS genetics experiment (gasp!).  She was born in game, the daughter of Jeremy and Kristen Frio and is a 3rd generation Frio.  Her father was the son of Connor Frio and Glory (Bernard) Frio.  Glory was featured on this blog a while back and is featured in my Friends…Enemies…Sisters story series.  Darla will eventually show up in the story as well.

Just a note on my sims: I do use a variety of custom content hair and clothing and a little cc make-up (mostly lipsticks).  I don’t remember what any given cc item is off the top of my head, so I’m not listing them all out here, but if you want to know something specific, you can ask, and I will make an effort to identify it.  As for defaults, I do use Escand’s “Oh My Eyes” eyes but no facial skins and no facial sliders (I do use Delphy’s breast sliders).  I want my sims to look the same in your game as they do in mine, but of course if you’re using a particular skin, I’m not sure whether that skin will change their appearance (I’d be interested to know this actually).


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