Strike a Pose – Challenge 4

In theory, the fourth challenge for the Strike a Pose (Cycle 3) competition was an easy one.  The theme was natural beauty.  Our models had to be stripped of make-up with their hair pulled back and attired in a plain white shirt and blue jeans.  We needed to submit a headshot and either a mid or full body shot.  We were asked to incorporate the model’s trait(s) in the shoot, and that was it as far as requirements went.

My model Meg is adventurous, ambitious, good, a perfectionist, and has an eye for photography.  I threw the ambitious and perfectionist traits out of the running right away, but I wound up setting up scenarios and photographing all three of the other traits, so I complicated matters for myself a bit.  It was tough choosing among them, but I wound up settling on her “good” trait, as the idea and story for it popped into my head very early on, and I thought it was a more original and creative scenario than the others. 

However, just for fun, I’ll show you the final shots I would have submitted for the adventurous and photography scenarios, had I chosen one of them.  To see the “good” shots, just head on over to Strike a Pose and look up my model.



I love doing head shots, and I’ve done a good number of them previously to promote the various sims I’ve offered here on the blog and on the Sims 3 web site.  I’m pleased with how all of them came out.  I’m more ambivalent about my body shots, but overall, I think that they’re pretty good.  The competition is pretty tough this round though; it’s anyone’s game at this point.

Here are a few outtakes from the various scenarios that I liked.  For more outtakes from me and others in the competition, check out this Sims 3 forum thread; it’s great fun.

Too dark, too red, can’t see!

Okay, who’s the wise-ass who put the teddy bear in the shot?

Thank god these aren’t real traps.  Right?


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