Strike a Pose – Challenge 5

I must admit, I wasn’t too excited when I learned that we had a farm theme for our fifth Strike a Pose (Cycle 3) challenge.  My biggest concern was that it was to be an outside shoot, as I still have the problem with pixelated shadows that I feared would interfere with my image quality.  However, I managed to work around that issue, and I warmed up to the cowgirl idea once I started sifting through the custom content.  There really is quite a bit out there that can be used for a farm scenario.  I started with a lot of different ideas, but actually getting them to work for a photo was quite challenging.  I’m very thankful for the ChaosCarrier mod (at ModtheSims).  It enables you to have your sim carry an object while performing animations; it really helped make this shoot a success.

You can see the photos I wound up submitting over at the Strike a Pose site.  The first photo I submitted is of Meg feeding the chickens.  I think it’s a good shot, but I really chose it because of the effort it took to figure out how to get the pose and other elements just right.  The second photo is of Meg staffing a fruitstand.  It is a colorful photo, and I think Meg’s pose is very cute.  I also chose both photos because I thought their scenarios were more likely to be unique.

As always, I have some outtakes to show you.  In addition, I’ll show you some of the photos I really liked that wound up on the cutting room floor.


“You’d better buy this apple…”

“The cow is licking me.  Please make it stop.”

“Ugh.  I think the pig farted.”

Rejected Photos:

I really loved Meg’s expression in this one, but there was a lot wrong with the picture.  I should have had a seed in her right hand so that it wouldn’t have looked clenched around nothing, and I wasn’t paying attention to the time of day; the background was too dark.  I actually went back into the game and tried to recreate the shot with the elements I wanted, but I just could not get her with that cute expression again.  I thought I had written down the animation she was using, but I must have gotten it wrong.  I didn’t sweat it too much, because I figured gardening would probably be a common choice among the other contestants anyway.

I loved Meg’s pose in this one, but there wasn’t really enough going on in this shot to make it worth submitting.  It’s just cute.

I really liked the lighting and Meg’s expression in this one.  It just has a simple beauty and was a strong contender for submission in my mind.  However, I already had her feeding the chickens and knew I was going to use that shot.  I didn’t want her performing the same essential action in both shots.

This is one of my favorite shots, actually.  I love the lighting, Meg’s expression, the colors, and the way I was able to make it look like she was really sitting on the step ladder.  I went back and forth several times on submitting it.  But even though I thought it was a very strong, beautiful shot, I felt like it would be something of a cop-out to use it when the shoot called for the model to be engaged in an activity.  Ultimately, I have no regrets with the photos I chose, but I’m glad I can still share this one and the others here.


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