Strike a Pose – Challenge 6

Well, SAP has pretty much taken over my blog at this point. 😉  It’s difficult to avoid since it has taken over a big chunk of my life too!  It’s really unbelievable just how many hours I devote to the challenge each week.  The problem is that, like my model, I’m a perfectionist.  I keep going back and going back, trying to get things just right. 

This week’s challenge was in some ways the most difficult so far because it was so open-ended.  Other than the requirement to use a particular color combination (red and silver in my case), there was no other structure to it.  I definitely didn’t go with my first idea this time, which was to stage a car ad.  I’ve been really looking forward to the Ambitions expansion pack that will soon be released, and that wound up being my inspiration for the shoot.   I’m pretty pleased with the final images, although I think I took some risks that may or may not pay off with the judges.

I really only have one outtake this time, but in addition, I will show you some shots I didn’t use and explain why they didn’t make the cut:

I had to try putting Meg in the Servo suit, and I thought it would be fun to let the bots get their revenge.

I really loved the body pose for this shot, but I didn’t use it because the facial expression was completely opposite of what I wanted.  I wish the maker of Chaosmod would enable the mod to allow us to select facial animations and body animations independently.  When I get a chance, I’m going to ask him/her(?) if it’s possible.

I loved this shot.  Something about the shadow on the arm and its position relative to the couch really worked for me.  However, I took it before I had added the arm tattoo and the contacts, and I really wanted them in the final submission.  Also, I kind of wanted to darken the red background, and I’ve had Meg looking up in a recent challenge and didn’t want it to be repetitive.

I almost chose this picture.  It was a tough call.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but something about the one I ultimately chose just spoke to me more.  Now, I compare the two of them, and I might make a different choice.  Go figure. 😛


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