Strike a Pose – Challenge 7

I wasn’t in the best mood going into this challenge.  My father’s memorial service was on Saturday, and I just found it difficult to get into the fairy tale mood, which was the theme for the seventh Strike a Pose (Cycle 3) challenge.  We were each assigned a fairy tale to recreate; mine was Snow White.  I considered going for a dark fairy tale twist as in the wonderful short story by Tanith Lee, “White as Snow.”  In her story, the queen is a good woman trying to protect her people from Snow White, who is actually a vampire.  It would have been fun to do, but ultimately, I decided to be true to the original story and keep things relatively light-hearted.  

I staged two scenes (and tried to stage more but quickly saw that most of the others wouldn’t work well): Snow White and the Huntsman (okay, that scene wasn’t so light-hearted) and Snow White and the Prince.  As usual, it took a great deal of time to hunt down and install all of the custom content that I thought might help me complete the challenge.  I’m probably going about things the wrong way, but I typically go hunting for CC before I start staging my ideas.  It would probably take me less time if I staged first and then figured out what I need, but the CC is part of what inspires me and helps me craft a scene, so I don’t know if the process would work as well if I reversed it.  The other activity that takes up the bulk of my time is going through the animations for each character to identify which will work best.  I know the animations pretty well at this point, but it’s funny how an animation you wouldn’t think would apply can work really well in a given situation, so I always experiment and try several.

One thing I wanted to do early on in the shoot but gave up because I thought it would be too difficult was to use the “magic mirror” in a shot.  I wanted to have a scene reflected in the mirror with the evil queen looking on.  I figured it would be too hard to get everything positioned properly, get the right perspective, lighting, animations, etc.  However, as I was wrapping up my Prince scene, I decided to give it a shot, and lo and behold it worked!  I did have to deal with the discovery that mirrors won’t reflect foliage, only objects.  Fortunately, I had some vines and rose bouquets that were objects, and they made decent background decorations.  It took a lot of luck with timing to get just the right shot, and I went through more mirrors than I care to tell to get one that had the right look, but I’m really proud of how it came out.  It’s a risk though; will the judges like it or think that it clutters up the scene?  Another risk I took was to actually incorporate some “dwarves” in the scene.  I used male children that I customized in CAS.  I think they actually look the part, but I was not able to give them facial hair.  I searched & searched, but it doesn’t appear that anyone has made a mod to add facial hair to children yet.  Still, I think (I hope), the scene worked with them.

Here are my favorite outtakes from this challenge:

This is just too much - I'm going to lapse into a diabetic coma!

Never mind Snow White, I'm killing the bunny!

Uh, hold on a minute...


And one final thing:

ARGH!  I just discovered I sent the wrong prince shot when I saw our pictures posted this morning.  The shot I sent was missing a couple of elements, namely the cute little bunny and birds.  I’ve sent the judges an e-mail asking if there’s anyway they can swap in the photo I intended to send, but I’m guessing it probably won’t be possible.  Ah, well, I’ll go ahead and post it here:

The Shot I Meant To Send


2 thoughts on “Strike a Pose – Challenge 7

  1. I love your outtake shots, especially the one with the prince in the funny pose. Even your outtakes are fab. 🙂

  2. Great outtakes! I wouldn’t sweat sending in the wrong photo, I think they are both great. The mirror shot is very creative, love it! I also love how you had the dwarfs hiding behind the bushes in the “hold on a minute” shot. 😉

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