Strike a Pose – The Finale!

It’s hard to believe that this competition is finally coming to an end.  It’s a little bittersweet for me.  I’ve had such a great experience, but I’ve spent way too much time on it.  I know my husband is glad it’s over!  And this blog will return to its originally intended function: showcasing sims and stories.  Also, it’s wrapping up just in time for the release of the next Sims 3 expansion pack, Ambitions.  I really want to just spend some time enjoying the new expansion when it comes out.

The final challenge for Strike a Pose (Cycle 3) was definitely a tough one.  Judging from the talk on the forum, we all struggled with it to a degree.  I had the hardest time with Part 1, the car ad.  I’m just not that into cars, personally, and had a hard time coming up with anything creative to do.  My first idea, which I scrapped during staging, was to have a scene in Al Simhara, with the pyramids in the background.  Meg would be dressed as an adventurer, posing by a jeep (all I could find was a HumVee though), and at a short distance behind her would be a mummy with his old jalopy stuck in the sand.  The slogan would have been something touting the vehicle’s 4-wheel drive.  Here’s an early shot:

Had I worked more on it, I probably would have gone for a night-time shot, and I would have tried getting the mummy to kick a gnome and then moving him over to the car so that it would look like he was kicking the car.  I liked the humor of the concept, but I rejected it because I thought Meg would look a little too pedestrian, and by then I had some other ideas I thought were stronger.

The other idea I had that I scrapped was to take photos of Meg and a Mercedes-Benz inside the Louvre museum as part of a “car as art” campaign.  I did ultimately use the Louvre and art campaign, but I did an exterior shoot instead of an interior shoot.  Below is a test shot from the interior:

I loved Meg’s outfit for this scenario; she had a bit of a Audrey Hepburn look, I thought, but I was frustrated with how the shots were looking.  Something about the scene just wasn’t working for me.  I kept trying to reconfigure the location of the various art, but no matter what I did, it just wasn’t coming together, so I pulled the plug on it.

I was far more certain of what I was going to do with the runway and associated shots for part 2, but the wardrobe was a big issue for me.  The first outfit I came up with reminded me really strongly of Seth Aaron from Project Runway.  I just loved him as a designer, and I kept him as a reference in my final shots even though I didn’t go with the original outfit.  I think he could have designed any of the outfits I chose though – he had the ability to go from wild to glam, I thought.  Here’s a shot of Meg in the original outfit:

I really did love this outfit, especially the shoes, but I was worried that it wasn’t “formal” enough, as our instructions had been to design a formal outfit, and I also was concerned about all the black and white with the black and white runway background.  I decided to try some other outfits and take more test shots, and when I saw the shots of Meg in the dress I finally selected, I just thought she looked way too gorgeous in it and thus would produce a much stronger picture, so I left this outfit behind.

Here are some additional shots and outtakes from this challenge:

A bit over the top - early make-up idea

I really loved the hair and make-up for the original outfit

Need more coffee!

I just liked this pose, but didn't really care for Meg's face in it

Deer in the headlights!

Update (6/10/10):

Just a quick note to let anyone wondering about the outcome know that I won!  The SAP web site hasn’t been updated, so if you weren’t following the contest on the forums, you’d have no idea.  Anyway, I was very excited and pleased to win, and I already miss participating in the challenges each week.  I can’t wait to see what the contestants will do in the next cycle.  I might play along if I find myself with spare time. 😛


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