A Bevy of Blonds

Do blonds have more fun?  Add these sims to your game and find out (just click on the image to download)!

Angeline Bryant, a CAS genetics experiment


Daphne Moreau, a CAS genetics experiment


Lora Wells, born in-game - not classically beautiful but unique


Irene Mayfield, a CAS genetics experiment


Jenna Meyers, a CAS genetics experiment


Roland Moreau, born in-game



3 thoughts on “A Bevy of Blonds

  1. Is Angeline Bryant any relation to Meg? Your sims are gorgeous. The photo of Irene is my favorite! Am I the only one going through SAP withdrawls? LOL! I am excited to have more time to work on my other projects though. Thanks for visiting my new blog! 🙂

  2. Yes, although I can’t remember if I generated her from Meg or one of the other Bryants in my bin (I have a few). So let’s call her a cousin. 😛

    No, you’re not – I miss SAP too, although it sucked up way too much of my time and energy. 😉 I feel bad regarding the lack of entries for cycle 4 so far. I think with the forums being so messed up and with the release of Ambitions, it’s going to take a lot longer to get going, unfortunately.

    You’re welcome! I’ll be following Brody’s story & anything else you do. 🙂

    1. I agree with the time sucking, lol. My hubby is definately glad it’s over, he was feeling a little neglected I think 😉 I know, I feel bad too, but like you said, the timing is pretty bad 😦

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