Redhead Roundup

Blonds may have fun, but redheads can rock a photoshoot too.  Here are some new sims to bring a little color to your game.  Just click on the headshot to download the sim:

Bailey Jamison

Charley Duncan

Christine Fenton

Myron Davis

Yvonne Moreau

Martin Reeves

Wren Garson

As you may notice above, I’ve been experimenting with using large and wall-sized paintings in the game as backgrounds.  I like the effect they can create when I can get the sim at the right distance to create the proper perspective.  It’s also interesting how lighting changes can affect the color and intensity of the paintings.  I suppose it’s the equivalent to photoshopping a background, but I’m doing it in the game. 😛  Which brings me to the topic of editing.  No one’s ever asked me, but I do edit the headshots of the sims I post.  However, my edits are minimal.  I usually add a framing effect to the shot, and sometimes I add highlights and/or shadows to bring out the drama, but I do so with a light hand.  I really like the raw screen shot to speak for itself, especially since taking part in the Strike a Pose competition, in which editing was not allowed.


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