SIFF Promotion Photos

I’ve entered a few screen shots into the Sims International Film Festival (SIFF) Fall 2010 promotion contest.  The contest is being hosted by Simatography.  I was going to collaborate with another Simatography member, but I really didn’t have the time to devote to the communication and coordination it would require.  I wound up just going through the test shots I had, taking a little time to correct issues with them and retake them and then submitted the best ones.  I like them, but I don’t know if they’re good enough to be used, and I suspect that one or two of them will be a bit too risque.

Hang in there - it's coming! SIFF Fall 2010.

This can't wait...SIFF Fall 2010!

Woo hoo! It's time for SIFF Fall 2010!

Isn't true love beautiful? SIFF Fall 2010.

So sexy. Too sexy. SIFF Fall 2010.

Note:  I cropped these pictures for the blog.  You can see the originals, uncropped at the SIFF site.  I definitely had fun staging these.

In additional contest news, I’m planning a new contest myself.  It’s in the final planning stages, and I’m currently recruiting judges and working on pre-contest tasks.  I’ve also got the next chapter of my Sisters story series coming soon.


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