My New Contest, TNT!

I’m probably crazy for doing this, but ever since the Strike-a-Pose contest was winding down, I’ve had an idea for a contest of my own.  I was thinking about one of my favorite shows, Project Runway (which starts again this week – yay!), and how cool it would be if there was a Sims 3 contest that worked in a similar fashion.  Most of the contests out there that I’ve seen are focused on modeling itself, but a contest based on Project Runway would be more about fashion design while still maintaining a modeling component.

So I was thinking about it, and thinking about it led to talking about it with a couple of friends, which led to planning it, and now, actually launching it!  So I give you Twinbrook’s Next Top Fashion Designer!  Way off topic from this blog, I realize, but I’m so excited about it and so proud that it’s come together the way it has (check out our list of guest judges – we have some real luminaries in the wings, ready to particpate). 

Now, I can only hope that it actually captures the interest of people within the Sims 3 community.  The biggest issue with the competition, I think, is that it is not a simple one.  There are several aspects to it, and people may find it too overwhelming.  We do have a few submissions so far, so I’m pleased by that, but we need a lot more: 12 designers and 12 models.  So if you find yourself looking for something new and different to do, or you know someone who might be interested, point them in our direction.

P.S.  It’s also a great competition for those who just like to create attractive, unique sims.  There is a subcompetition for model sims, much like Project Runway’s Models of the Runway, and all you have to do is enter your sim – there is no action of you required during the competition itself, and you can win a prize if your model winds up paired with the winning designer.


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