Single Story Homes

So, my new contest, Twinbrook’s Next Top Fashion Designer is underway!  I’m so happy that the auditions phase is over!  I no longer have to be glued to my inbox and to the various recruitment threads we had going in the forums.  I should be working on the next chapter of my Sisters series, and I will very soon, I promise.  However, I’ve been having some issues in game, related to the use of moveobjects, I think, where my sims will start getting stuck and have routing problems between upstairs and downstairs areas of a home.  Resetting the lot doesn’t always work; it’s almost like the lot itself gets bugged. 

I’m trying two things: curtailing my use of moveobjects (big bummer when it comes to simatography) and getting my sims moved into single story homes, where I’m hoping they won’t get stuck.  The problem with the latter is the dearth of nice one story homes out there.  I decided to find some good house plans and start building my own.  I should have known better, because it takes so long to fully build them, even with the plans to use as a guide.  Still, I’m getting into it, and I’ll share an image of the house I’m currently building (the shot was taken in build mode, so bear with me).

The Olive - In Progress

The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms, so it’s big enough for a good sized family.  My sims are usually prolific, so I need the room!  I’ve almost finished the exterior (need to do more work in the back), but I’ve got to do a ton of work on the interior.  Still, when I’m done, it’s a house I’ll want to use for my sims, so who knows, maybe others will too.  I will post the final product here once I’ve finished and playtested it.


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