Friends…Enemies…Sisters Part 5


Chapter 5

We now return to our two Frio families to discover how their second pregnancies are progressing.  Glory looks tired but has that healthy glow.


Veronica is irritable, of course, but Jared usually manages to keep her simmering, rather than exploding.


The man may have a lot of character flaws, but he does know how to give an excellent massage!


Caressa and Jeremy are off to school now.  Caressa doesn’t understand why the other kids are afraid of her.


Jeremy gets along well with the other kids – no surprise there.


 And the day has arrived!  Glory goes into labor right after seeing her son off to school.


Connor rushes to meet her at the hospital.


And after a relatively short and easy labor, they return home with their second son, Gabriel.


Veronica’s made efforts to stay fit throughout her pregnancy.


At this point though, she quickly runs out of energy.


For once, she’s glad that her husband is old and just wants to go to bed early.


But their gentle slumber is interrupted by Veronica’s agonizing labor pains.


After a long, rough night at the hospital, they return home with their second child, Vladimir.  The lack of sleep that evening has made Jared pretty grumpy.


But Veronica has ducked out of the house, and he has to come up with some energy in a hurry in order to take care of the nooboo.


Caressa is feeling even more neglected than usual now that her little brother has been born.  She struggles through her homework alone.


The first thing Connor does every day after getting home from work is to go into the nursery and cuddle his son!


His relationship with Glory is better than ever!


The time passes quickly, and before they know it, it’s Gabriel’s first birthday! 


And look who came to the party:  it’s Lucia Ursine-Frio, all grown up now (and looking much better than she used to!).


And here’s little Gabriel, a toddler now!


He definitely takes after his father, although the curly hair is a mystery.


And it’s baby Vlad’s birthday as well!


Well, Vlad has certainly inherited the family…look.


Gabriel is ambitious from day one.  He can’t wait to have his own phone so he can help mommy campaign for votes.


Vladimir is a very moody toddler.  He doesn’t like much of anything, and he refuses to be potty trained!


Jeremy’s little friend certainly has a lot of grey hair for one so young!  (the downside of genetic hair color).


Caressa rides her bike to school.  She’s missed the bus again and tried to talk her parents into letting her stay home, but they didn’t want her moping around the house all day!


A boy has actually come home with Caressa after school.  Apparently, he thinks they are friends.  Caressa’s not so sure, but she figures maybe she’ll at least be able to get him to do her homework.


Some of the girls coming home with Jeremy after school are just a bit too old for him!


And when he’s not chatting them up in person, Jeremy’s chatting with girls on the internet.  I think Glory and Connor should consider implementing parental controls on their computer!


Oh man, it’s Glory’s birthday.  I can’t believe how the time has flown.  She can’t really be aging into an elder yet, can she?


This is one of those rare times that Veronica’s glad she’s the younger sister.


Glory’s nervous about the prospect of entering into her golden years.


But once it happens, she accepts it with good grace.


Veronica knows she can’t escape her own birthday much longer.


Oh well, at least it’s an opportunity to throw a party (and get some gifts!).


“Wait a minute!  I changed my mind-”


Sorry, sweetie.  What’s done is done! 


Glory doesn’t let old age slow her down when it comes to interacting with her son.


But she doesn’t know what to do about the girl-crazy Jeremy.


And Vladimir *still* won’t potty train!


Yet he doesn’t like being stuck in stinky diapers either.


After a while of dealing with the tantrums, Veronica ducks out of the house for a run.  She’s still trying to keep in shape.


Gabriel is extraordinarily well behaved for his age.


He’s a very happy child, and is quickly learning to talk and walk.  He was potty trained ages ago!


Veronica has gone for her workout and discovered something she simply can’t tolerate:  a woman wearing a completely inappropriate cutesy, ruffled dress to the gym.


She’s been itching for a fight anyway, and she and the wearer of the dress quickly wind up in a scuffle.


Veronica’s pleased to observe that she’s ripped the dress in addition to beating up its owner.  “That’ll teach you not to wear such silly clothes!”  Of course, the guy in the background wonders what she’s talking about.


Oh, no!  Do you believe this?  Here’s another idiot in that darned dress.  Is this some kind of town curse, or what?


Veronica does what she must do.  It’s a one-woman crusade against a dress.


Veronica wins again, and really tears up the silly garment this time.  “I’d better never see you in here in something so ridiculous again!”


Glory is looking spiffy having gotten another promotion.  She’s very near to the top of the political ladder at this point!  And lucky for her where Veronica’s concerned, her suit is completely down to business.


And Jared has done it – he’s a master chef at last!


Amazingly, it’s already time for Caressa to grow up a bit.  Her even more turbulent teen years are waiting for her.


And here she is, so excited about life ahead.  One of the first things she does is go out and get everything pierced.


And then she cuts school and plays video games all day.


And now it’s Jeremy’s turn!


He already looks fully grown!


It’s an unexpected scene:  the three eldest Frio children, including Lucia, all together.  They’re actually getting along decently.


It’s time for Connor to join the rest of his generation in becoming an elder.


Jared can’t help snickering – misery loves company!

Soon it will be time for the youngest boys to grow into childhood.  It should be interesting to see how things go for Gabriel and Vladimir.  And let’s not forget about the new teens, Jeremy and Caressa.  Finally, will the elder Frios be able to accomplish their goals and finish raising their children before they kick off to the great beyond?  Will the evil dress make a reappearance?  Find out in Part 6!


3 thoughts on “Friends…Enemies…Sisters Part 5

  1. Ahhh, the evil dress!! When you told me about it popping up on your NPCs I didn’t realize that you had actually written it into your story….how clever of you! Great update!

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