Mini Castle

I’m working on another home, this one inspired by house plan DD3305.  It was going to be a small, single story home, in keeping with my desire to create some decent, single story homes for my sims.  However, once I got started on it, I decided to make it larger, and then it just seemed to cry out for a second story.  And then it just seemed to cry out for a moat!  So it became a much bigger project than I’d planned.  I’ve currently got most of the exterior landscaping done and am working on the interior.  Here’s an early shot of the exterior:

Mini Castle - Work in Progress


2 thoughts on “Mini Castle

  1. Another house? What about the Sisters!!!! Rofl! Just kidding……Love the moat! By the way, Brody knows a guy that might be able to help Meg with her little “problem”. Something about a thing called CAS?! Ever hear of it? I guess this CAS thing can reverse aging! So, if she’s interested….Brody can introduce her. It’s not that he doesn’t like gray hair, it’s just that he wants children …..someday.

    1. Yeah, I’m on a building kick these days. But I did get the next chapter of Sisters posted! Awww…I wonder what Brody and Meg’s kids would look like. I may just download him and find out!

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