Invisible Lighting

For those of you into simatography, you may be interested in two custom lamps I’ve created.  I learned about Buzzler’s Vanishing Objects Script on MTS a while back but was sad to see that it didn’t support any light sources, so I requested that he add a couple and he has!  From there, I just needed to clone the base game hurrican lights and enable them for his script.  You can access the table lamp here and the floor lamp here.  They will appear in buy mode right next to the originals.  Using the functionality of Buzzler’s script, you will be able to set the lamps invisible or visible as you prefer.

Yes, invisible lighting already exists in World Adventures, if you have that expansion pack, but these lights have some advantages over WA lighting, as you can change their intensity and color.  Also, if you use the OPH mod (also from MTS), you can use OPH objects to get the table lamp to the exact height you prefer.  One thing I didn’t realize when I created these lights was that someone else had already created invisible lights – they’re available over at The Land of Woe.  I had searched for invisible lighting before and never found these, but a friend tipped me off.  However, after taking a look at them in game, I’m still making my lights available, because the Woe lights are truly invisible – you can’t even see them in buy mode, so it can be tricky to find them in order to relocate them once you have placed them.  However, if you don’t want a script mod in your game, they are the lights for you – and they have the color and intensity options as well.


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