Beautiful Brunettes (Part 1)

To continue with my hair color theme, I bring you six more of my favorite sims.  These files have been checked with Custard and do not contain any harmful content.  I will provide descriptions and links for the custom content they do contain.   Just click on the headshot to download the sim:

First, we have the Bryant sisters.  These lovely young ladies were born in-game and aged into young adults just in time for me to enjoy them in Ambitions.  I made Michelle my stylist and Alecia my firefighter.  You can of course do whatever you wish with them.

Alecia’s hair is from the Ambitions expansion pack.  Alecia comes packaged with:

Michelle’s package only contains one custom pattern, the one shown on her athletic belt.  I am uncertain of its origin.  Michelle’s hair is not included but is by Anubis and can be found here.

Alex Black was also born in-game, but I don’t play his family.  I hope to marry into it though!  Alex comes with one item of custom clothing, a collared shirt with vest by Apple.  His hair is base game.

Hoko Akau is a CAS genetics experiment.  He struck me as Hawaiian, hence the name, which means (I hope) Northern Sky.  The only custom content in Hoko’s package is the pattern shown on his swimwear; I am not certain of its origins.  His everyday outfit was purchased from the store.  Hoko’s hair is not included but is from Peggyzone and can be found here.  It’s Free – ID: #000057.

Elizabeth Miller started as a CAS genetics experiment.  I saw something interesting in her features that made me think of old English royalty, so I kept working on her until I got the look I wanted.  She’s not a typical beauty by today’s standards, I’ll admit, but I like to think that a couple of centuries ago, she might have been all the rage.  Elizabeth’s hair is not included but comes from Peggyzone and can be obtained here; it is DonationGift – ID: #000198.  The following custom content is included:


Harold Wheeler is a CAS genetics experiment.  While in CAS, I saw right away that he wasn’t the most handsome guy I’ve ever gen’ed up, but there was something about him – a hint of innocense or vulnerability that I found really attractive.  Maybe someone else will too.  Harold’s hair is from one of the expansion packs (I think it’s Ambitions, but I haven’t been able to verify that).  Harold comes with the following custom content:

Enjoy these sims, and I’ll have more fabulous brunettes for you in a week or two.


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Brunettes (Part 1)

  1. I love the lipstick on the Bryant sisters, could you tell me how to get it? Beautiful eyes, on all of them (especially Harold) 😀

  2. i cant install the bryant sisters! if i install them, it says success, but there are no .sim files and no sisters in game :((

    1. I’m sorry you’re experiencing a problem with these sims. It has been ages since I originally uploaded them, and I’m guessing that some of the custom content doesn’t work with the more recent game updates. If I get a chance, I will re-export them CC free, but my time is really limited these days. Check back in a week or two.

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