Chateau Gris

Welcome to Chateau Gris!  I have spent a great deal of time on this castle-style home, originally inspired by houseplan DD3305.  As you can see, it evolved quite a bit from the original plan.  As I worked on it, it just seemed to cry out for a second story and then for a moat.  After spending a good deal of time on the exterior landscaping, I decided I wanted to do something rather grand with the interior too.  I didn’t want to go with what I consider to be traditional castle – dark and medieval.  Instead, I was inspired by this picture of the Galerie des Glaces in Versailles, and based much of the color palette and furniture and decor choices on it.  I wanted the home to feel luxurious but liveable.  

The home is designed for a 40×40 lot and costs $133,000 fully furnished ($88,000 unfurnished).  It has a grand entry, living room, music room, formal dining room, kitchen, four large bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a bonus room.  A portion of the second story is open to the first story to give it a majestic feel, but you can easily create even more room in the house by closing in the area over the piano room or perhaps the entire second story, depending upon your preferences.  Here are images of the home: 

Exterior Front Day

Exterior Back Day

Exterior Back Night


Formal Dining Room


Casual Dining

Living Room

Music Room

1st Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

Small Bathroom

Landing Statue 1

Landing Statue 2

Landing View of Music Room

3rd Bedroom

4th Bedroom

Master Bath

Floorplan Level 1

Floorplan Level 2

I used items from the World Adventures and Ambitions expansion packs in the home.  I also added the Retro Record Player from T-Mobile.  The .sims3pack has been checked in Custard and does not include any corrupt or problematic items.  It does include the following custom content: 

You may download Chateau Gris here.  There is also an unfurnished (except for the kitchen) version with no custom content (except a couple of patterns) available on the Exchange here

One last note:  I added a good number of flowers and shrubs around the moat, so that it would look lush, but if you have a slower computer and find that the load wait is too long, you may want to go into buy/build mode and delete some of them.


5 thoughts on “Chateau Gris

  1. Oh it turned out great!! I love what you’ve done with the patterns, it really took gave it a more elegant feel. Oh my gosh and where did you find the pattern for the shag throw rug in the master bathroom? I have to have it!!!

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