A-Frame In Development

I’m basing the latest home I’m building on plan PH09-000-100.  I just love A-frame homes, and this one is a single-story, which is the type of home I primarily want to create.  I love the dramatic exterior with the oversized rock chimney and multi-level windows.  Of course, as always, duplicating this design in The Sims 3 is a challenge, but I think it’s coming along:

Very early glimpse of the A+ Frame

I don’t like the siding shown in the original picture, so I’ve decided to go with a more log cabin style, and I want to landscape it to look like the home is in a forest.  I’m also going to change the floorplan quite a bit in order to provide a lot more living space.


2 thoughts on “A-Frame In Development

  1. Woah 😀 I totally love it!! I just downloaded the Aspen Creek home you built, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but it looked amazing in your preview 😀

    Can’t wait for more progress here!

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