Beautiful Brunettes (Part 2)

To close out the month, here are six more of my favorite brunettes.  These files have been checked with Custard and do not contain any harmful content.  I will provide descriptions and links for the custom content they do contain.   Just click on the headshot to download the sim:

First we have Aria Silver, a CAS genetics experiment.  I believe her “father” was my Damon Silver, which explains her good looks.  For her head shot, I was inspired by a very intricate custom content window I found.  Positioning her in front of it at sunset created a fantastic effect.  The only editing done on this shot was to add a small frame around the image.

Aria’s hair is default EA.  She comes packaged with:

Next up, I offer you Mace Townsend.  He’s another CAS genetics experiment.  I like to leave my sims’ ethnicity open to interpretation, but to me, he looks Native American.  I decided to go with a bit of a rocker style for him.  I loved the lavender color of the sunset and the soft lighting I was able to get in his head shot.  The only editing done on the shot was to add the frame.

Mace’s hair does not come with him, but it is by Anubis and can be found here.  Mace is CC free.

Next up, and probably my favorite among the females, is Corey McCroskey.  She’s another genetics experiment, and I almost deleted her and moved on due to the hair and outfit EA initially placed her in.  However, there was just something cute and gamine about her that led me to keep her and see if she was workable.  I’m so glad I did!  She actually gives me a slight Audrey Hepburn vibe, although that may well be because of the Fashion Icon challenge we’ve got running in the TNT competition right now.  No editing again on this shot except to add the frame.

Corey is packaged with the following:

Our second male is Nico Moreni, another CAS genetics experiment.  I think he has a handsome, brooding look, and I like the shades of blue with the sky and ocean in his head shot.  Again, the shot was not edited beyond adding the frame.

Nico’s hair is the Emo Cut from the EA Store.  He comes packaged with:

Last but not least among the girls is a sim I’ve been wanting to upload for a long time.  I’ve just never been satisfied with the headshots I’ve gotten of her.  She’s a CAS genetics experiment, but I’ve had her in my game (as a townie), and she’s such a character that, for me, it’s like she was born in game.  Her name is Elena Garson.  I did edit this shot in order to brighten it up with subtle highlights.

Elena’s hair is not included but is by Peggyzone and is available here on page 23.  She comes packaged with:

And last but by far not least among the males in this group is Rake Bryant.  He too is a CAS experiment, but you could consider him a cousin to Meg Bryant, my Strike-A-Pose model.  I think he’s one of the most attractive male sims I’ve ever created.  I really wanted to play with color in his head shot; I really enjoy how in game lighting can not only affect a sim but also a painting.  I was able to get this one looking like a sunset.  The only editing in this shot was to add a frame.

Rake’s hair is from the High End Loft Stuff pack.  His only custom content is shorts from Lilisims.


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