A Quick Update

I’ve been pretty busy lately, working on several things at once, and just thought I’d let you know about them:

I put my A-Frame house on the backburner because I read that EA is likely to release a “log cabin” store set sometime this winter.  I think a set like that would be amazing for this house, so I’m waiting to see if they do indeed come out with it.  In the meantime, I’ve been working on another house based on houseplan DD2109-R, which is more of a starter home than I typically would create.  I thought I could get it done relatively quickly while waiting on the A-Frame, but I wound up spending a lot of time on the interior design, experimenting and trying to improve.

Speaking of interior design, Sim Interior Designs is hosting a competition called Design Star that I couldn’t resist entering (I tried!).  It’s reminiscent of HGTV’s Design Star TV show, which I love.  I am way out of my league, and I don’t expect to last long in the competition, but it is a great learning opportunity.  The other people in the competition are nothing short of amazing.  You can follow the competition here

My competition, Twinbrook’s Next Top Fashion Designer, is winding down to its finale.  It’s been a great experience to host the competition with the help of JMelo and many esteemed guest judges.  Our contestants have been brilliant, and we can’t wait to see who will win this cycle.  We have a lot of great ideas for the next cycle too!

Finally, I’m working on some Halloween themed sims, and I hope I’ll be able to post them here next week (before Halloween anyway!).  I’ll eventually get to the next chapter of my Sisters series too!  However, Late Night comes out very soon, and I definitely want to take some time to just play it.  There are other non-Sims games I’m eagerly awaiting as well.  There’s no rest for a gamer!