New Sims to Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are some new sims that I hope you will fall for!  They are all CAS genetics experiments this time, as I haven’t been playing the game enough to round up a new crop of born-in-game sims.  To download a sim, simply click on his or her headshot (note that the Simpacks were compressed using WinRAR).  Please be advised that I did use some expansion clothing items on some of the sims, mostly Late Night.  Their skins are base EA.  They are pictured with Escand’s “Oh My Eyes” default eye replacements (which I highly recommend).  See bottom of post for alternative base game only and .sim file download links.

First, I give you Emery Knowles.  He’s got a bit of a smoldering look here that I liked.  The only editing done on this picture was to add a frame.

Emery comes packaged with Tamo’s athletic wear Leisure Shirt and a couple of patterns.

Next, we have Anna Moreau.  In my game, Anna is a famous actress (well, she will be, once I actually have a chance to play Late Night).  I used Anna as one of my model’s in my winning SIFF Photo Reporting Fall 2010 gallery.  I enjoyed photographing Anna with the new city of Bridgeport as her background.  The only editing done to the photo was to add a frame.

Anna comes packaged with a few patterns and:

Our next sim is a handsome cousin to Emery; meet Andrew Knowles.  I took Andrew’s head shot at sunset, and I love the rich colors.  The only editing done to the photo was to add a frame.

Andrew does not come with any custom content except for a couple of patterns.

Next, I bring you Annette Johnson.  In CAS, she conjured up images of the stereotypical 50’s housewife to me, so I decided to go ahead and have fun with that theme.  While she’s no knockout beauty, I think she’s really cute.  I used an in-game painting for the background in her headshot.  The only editing done was to add a frame to the image.

Annette comes packaged with a Hollister Top by Modern_Sims and Crystal Embellished Nails by NataliS.  Her hair is by Rose; it is not included but may be found here.

Our final male this time is Sean Graham.  Sean is my Ken doll; almost too perfect, but you can always rough him up a bit by adding facial hair or maybe changing a few of his features.  I again enjoyed shooting Sean with Bridgeport’s night life as his background.  I may turn him into a vampire in my game – it should give him a bit more edge, and Bridgeport could certainly benefit by having some more attractive vampires!  The only editing done on Sean’s picture was to add a frame.

Sean does not come with any custom content other than a pattern.

Next among the ladies, I give you Mia Miller.  I think Mia would make an excellent model for Sims 3 modeling contests, not that I’m likely to have the time to participate in another one.  My lighting was a bit weak in this headshot, so I did add highlights via editing and also added a frame.

Mia comes packaged with:

Last but not least among the ladies, I’d like to introduce Kristy Frost.  Kristy brings to mind the TV show V; I think she looks just a touch alien, and I love it.  The only editing done to this image was to add a frame.

Kristy comes packaged with PlumpLip lipstick by Channy & Vivin and Earrings with Gems 007 by NataliS.

For those having difficulties installing/using the sims, here are base game only versions of them (non RAR as well):

Here are links to the .sim files as well (again non-RAR):


32 thoughts on “New Sims to Love

    1. After downloading, did you extract them from RAR format? Did you double-click them? That should open the launcher and prompt you to install them into the game? If they were indeed installed, do you have all the expansions? I did use clothing items from some of them, and perhaps that is causing your issue. I am probably going to provide base game versions of them, since people are reporting issues.

  1. Gorgeous sims! But may I ask you if you plan to upload them without CC only basegame? Sorry if I read bad the description I’m french ^^

    1. I wasn’t planning to, but it appears people may be having trouble with them. I just want to make sure that it’s not an issue of folks not having certain expansions first though, as in a couple of cases, the only CC the sims have is a pattern or two, which usually doesn’t cause a crash.

      1. Thank you for the base game sims 🙂 I never download sims with CC because I don’t want “ghost” CC in my game that I can’t uninstall. Many people are like me 🙂

      2. No problem. I understand being leery of CC; I always check everything with Custard. I’ve never had a problem with “ghost” CC though. When I install a Simpack with CC, the included CC has always shown up in my install list (where I promptly uninstall whatever I don’t want).

  2. These sims are lovely, but would you consider uploading No CC Sims?
    They crash mine and many other peoples games once you click on them in the custom Sim bin.

    1. I would definitely consider it, but first, can you tell me which expansion and stuff packs you have/don’t have? Did the male sims crash your game as well, because a couple of them have no CC except a pattern, and that would be pretty unusual when it comes to causing a crash.

      1. 🙂
        I have all EP’s and Stuffpacks.
        I haven’t actually downloaded any of the males but i, also, don’t belive they would crash because of them being packaged with a pattern.
        Thankyou for taking the time to respond to me.

  3. Hi shellfly,

    Your sims look great. I like them all a lot !

    However I too have a problem, I can’t install them with the sims launcher.

    I have tried with Anna and although it looks like the installation porcess went right, when I go in CAS she’s not there. Maybe you could provide us with an alternative .sim file as well ( instead of anly a .package file ). In that case the sim could be installed directly in the Saved sims folder instead of using the sims launcher. I have never experienced a sim crashing in CAS in that case.

    Thanks for your good work !!

  4. I downloaded Anna/Annette and extracted it double click and it show install but there was no sim in my saved sims bin. And they were’nt in my game.

    1. That’s strange, Terry. All I can suggest is to try again when I release the base game sims, and maybe it will bypass whatever issue you’re having (just in case it is CC – both Anna and Annette have some).

  5. I love the look of your sims, but they don’t all show up. Sean shows up but neither of the Knowles cousins do. I have all expansions but not all the stuff packs. I had a similar problem with your brunette sims.

    1. Hmm…stuff packs shouldn’t be the issue, since I only have HELS and rarely use clothing for it. I’m going to provide links for the base game only versions (no hair or clothing that isn’t from the base game – no expansions either) and .sim files. I hope one of those options will work better for you and any others still having trouble! Which brunettes did you have problems with?

      1. thanks! the .sim files worked fine. I’ll go back and see if I can figure out which brunette/s did not load for me.

    1. Yup they now show perfectly right in my game with the .sim files !!

      Thank you again for your help and keep your amazing sims coming !!

  6. My GOD these sims are attractive. I also love that you haven’t used much CC as I hate downloading it, especially skins. Downloaded the last three, many thanks!

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