Bry’s Treehouse

Today, I bring you a home nestled among the tree-tops with a real back to nature feel.  For this build, I was inspired by images of real-life treehouses like these:


I love how the trees are integrated into the structure such that they support it while still allowing for preservation and growth of the trees.  I like the way the first home blends into the trees, but I also was taken by the way the two units were connected by a hanging bridge in the second image.  Thus, I decided to incorporate both ideas in my build.  I also wanted to do something special with the landscaping, so I designed a large, multi-level waterfall that flows directly into a natural pool.  Your sim can swim under and behind the waterfall!  Water trickles out from the pool into a small, meandering stream and pond.  Nearby, there is an open outdoor bathroom and a firepit.  Sims can enjoy the spectacular view from large bay windows inside the home or either of its two balconies.

The treehouse resides on a 50×50 lot and costs ~130K furnished/~76K unfurnished.  The main structure contains a large living area and small, half bath on the first level and kitchen and dining on the second level.  Two separate structures are designated as a master bedroom and kids’ room, respectively, and are connected to the main home via hanging walkways.  The interior is decorated in a warm, autumnal, log cabin style with a bit of a deviation toward the realm of the romantic in the master bedroom.  No custom content was used in this build (not even patterns this time!), but some expansions and stuff packs are required, depending upon which version of the home you choose.  Store items were also used.  Further details and download links are at the bottom of this post.  Let the picture spam commence!

Front View

Back View


Close-up of Waterfall

Another perspective

Swimming under the Waterfall

Start of the Stream

Stream and Bridge

The Pond

View from the upper balcony

View from the lower balcony


Walking across a hanging bridge

View from a hanging bridge


 The outdoor bathroom was inspired by this image and was a real challenge to get just right – definitely had me learning more about CFE (a builder’s cheat):

Here’s my version:

Outdoor Bathroom

Another Perspective



Here are some night shots of the exterior as well:

Jacuzzi at night


Exterior Night


Now, for the interior:

Living Room

Another Perspective




Half Bath


Another Perspective


Another Perspective

Master Bedroom

Bed closeup

Book Nook

Sitting Area

Kids' Room

Another Perspective

Another Perspective

Overhead Views/Floorplan:

Entire Lot

Living Areas


Master Bedroom

Kids' Room

Click here to download the furnished version and here for the unfurnished version.  The unfurnished version requires all expansion packs except Generations.  It also uses the Chesapeake Bay Bay Window (from the Hewnsman set), which I highly recommend and the Ivy from the free EV pack.  The ivy is on some of the waterfall rocks; if you don’t have it, it may look a little barren, but I wouldn’t think you’d miss it too much; my real concern would be what EA would replace it with!  Of course, you can always delete whatever odd thing that might be.  The furnished version requires the same as the unfurnished as well as the Generations expansion and the High End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane, and Outdoor Life stuff packs.  It also uses the following store items/sets: