Your sims will want to spend forever in this custom content free 4 bedroom, 4-1/2 bath single story retreat.   Situated on a 40×40 lot and costing ~221k furnished (97k unfurnished), the home features a central courtyard which includes a pool, jacuzzi, and many zen touches.  Inside, you’ll find open living/dining/kitchen and an entertainment area with a pool table and bar in addition to the bedrooms and baths.  There are also two narrow side yards with additional activities for kids and adults.  There’s plenty of room for vehicles with covered parking for two and additional parking space in the long driveway.

This home is fully furnished and decorated throughout in a Japanese style with many unique objects and personal touches.  You may download the furnished version here.  I am also offering an unfurnished version so that those with fewer expansions/stuff packs/store items can still make use of the home; download it here.

I created this build in conjunction with my single story build competition on the Sims 3 forums.  I was inspired by this image:

and the original houseplan:

I love the home’s simple tranqility and soft night lighting.  Because my contest requires at least 3 bedrooms, I decided to add a second building to the lot and sandwich the courtyard between them.  I wanted to implement the green roof but found that trying to spread that much shrubbery across the two buildings would cause unacceptable game lag (and it also looked confusing), so I decided to add a more traditional roof and use the greenery only in limited open spaces on it.  For the interior design, I was inspired by images like these:

I tried to get creative with the ceilings too, and I especially liked the look of this tile:

I think I was able to achieve a very similar effect in the living areas:

Below are some additional photos of the home, but rather than posting every single picture here, I’d like to refer you to my slideshow where the images are a bit larger, and you can cycle through them as quickly or slowly as you please.  Here are a few highlights:

There is much, much more to see, so again, please have a look at my slideshow.

Requirements for furnished version:  As I uploaded this version to the Exchange, you can view the detailed list here.

Requirements for unfurnished version:  Expansions (World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, and Showtime), Stuff Packs (Town Life), Store Items (Archway to Happiness by Feng ShuiDoor of Opportunity by Feng ShuiWindow SlatsTranscendental Window by BahHaus).