The Lindenwood

At last, one of my long-time WIPs is finally complete!  Enjoy a fun, retro vibe in The Lindenwood, a custom content free 2 story family home that is situated on a 30×30 lot and costs ~$173k furnished.  It consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, large open concept living/dining/kitchen, a mini office, and an attached garage.  The spacious, private backyard will provide your sims with outdoor dining, a pool and jacuzzi, and plenty of children’s activities.  The home’s decor includes many unique paintings and photos that were taken in game, and my favorite feature is a custom built aquarium on the 2nd floor landing.

You may download the furnished version here.  I am also offering an unfurnished version so that those with fewer expansions/stuff packs/store items can still make use of the home; download it here.  The home was originally inspired by this image:

I also went hunting for a lot of inspiration when it came to designing the interiors, since 60’s/70’s style is not really my regular aesthetic.  To see more of what inspired me, view my inspiration slideshow.

Below are some photos that highlight some of my favorite features in The Lindenwood, but rather than posting every single picture here, I’d like to refer you to my slideshow where the images are a bit larger, and you can cycle through them as quickly or slowly as you please.

Pool/Jacuzzi with custom water feature

Open Living


Custom Aquarium (you have to watch it in live mode!)

1st Master Bedroom

2nd Master Bedroom

Kids Bathtub with fun porthole windows to aquarium

There is much, much more to see, so again, please have a look at my slideshow.

Requirements for furnished version:  As I uploaded this version to the Exchange, you can view the detailed list here.

Requirements for unfurnished version:  Expansions:  World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Stuff Packs: Master Suite, Store Items: Window Group by BahHaus, Window to the Soul by BahHaus, Rustic Staycation Whirlpool Station,  High-Reaching Window by BahHaus, Rise in the East Window, Stäncké Sun Beam, and La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus.


Single Story Build – Contest Winners

A couple of months ago, I hosted a building contest on the Sims 3 forums (my first!).  I had so many wonderful entries, that it was tough to choose a winner.  I scored the entries across a number of categories, including architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting, functionality, and forums presentation.  I also awarded bonus points for things like innovation, cool water features, attention to detail, excellence in decor, etc.  All homes are CC free.

I’ve been meaning to blog about some of my favorites, so I thought I’d give you a run-down of the top 10:

10.  Mocca Breeze by stevesuzz

This home had some really interesting and unique architectural features.  I was especially taken with the interesting angles in the front and with the structure of the pool area.

Front Exterior

Pool Area

9. The Rosewood by romagi1

This home has a charming exterior and some very nice interior design moments as well.  I especially like what the creator did with the rugs and the color palettes chosen throughout the home.  The creator found a very clever way to sign her name to the lot too – if you download it, see if you can find it!

Front Exterior

Rugs in Living Room

Color Scheme in Girl’s Bedroom

8. Villa Alcala by walkingstick

Talk about architecture – this was my clear winner in that category!  Even though I didn’t have the correct arch and doors, you can still see what a masterpiece this home is.  I loved the backyard as well, just as charming, and the surpirse little interior courtyard.

Front Exterior

Back Exterior

Interior Courtyard

7. The Hearthstone by Sandraelle

The front landscaping really adds to this home’s curb appeal, which is already strong with its great architecture.  I especially liked the backyard pool with its unique shape.

Front Exterior


6. Single Story Family Home by cwaddell

This home is landscaped very nicely.  Yes, one bougainvilla tree popped up in the front, but the creator fixed that after the contest.  The backyard is just lovely.  Rooms in the interior were spacious and nicely decorated.

Front Exterior

Back Exterior

Spacious Kitchen/Dining

5. New Cottage by robotentity

This home has great curb appeal, clean lines, and some very impressive moments in the interior design.  I especially loved the use of blinds in the master bedroom.

Front Exterior

Back Exterior

Master Bedroom

4. Single Story Home by JVENN

I was really impressed by the exterior of this home.  Some good architecture, nice landscaping, beautiful spots in the backyard with plenty of open space for ones own use as well.  The interiors were good, but I just didn’t find them as compelling.

Front Exterior

Back Exterior

Another Back Exterior

3. Lil Bit O Country by MeaganJo

This home was well designed, inside and out.  I loved the almost Victorian touch on the exterior wall covering, and the backyard had a great pond, kids area, vegetable garden, and more.  The interior design was strong as well.  Take a look at this lovely open concept kitchen/dining area.  This entry scored especially high on functionality – there were no issues with unusable objects, routing failures, etc.

Front Exterior

Cute Pond

Nice Interior

2. Concrete and Glass House by basiedog

This is an amazing modern build.  The architecture was very good and added lots of interest.  I loved basiedog’s idea to bring the outside in; it gave the house so many great moments.  There were lots of little areas to discover: indoor gardens, multiple kids playgrounds, lots of lounging spots.  Well, just take a look at the pictures, and you’ll see why this property was neck in neck with the contest winner, only falling short by 1 point!

Front Exterior

Interior Shot – notice the architecture



1. One Store House by Agnezawars

While this home was not the top scorer in any specific category, it did score very highly in all of them, and it netted the most bonus points for water features, innovation in interior design, and excellent attention to detail.  The standout features to me were the creator’s use of in-game photography and her creation of custom aquariums, both of which inspired me to implement those features in my own future builds.

Front Exterior


Master Bedroom

Living Room

In Game Art

Custom Aquariums

I received 25 entries for the contest, so there are more great homes that didn’t quite make the top 10 but are worth a look as well.  If you’re in the market, you can always check the original forum thread here.

The Executive Retreat – Revised

Executive Retreat

I uploaded this home back in November 2011.  I was just starting to go down the road of building without using custom content.  This home was *almost* CC free, but I still used custom patterns.  I really love this house and so decided to revisit it and replace the patterns with EA patterns so that the lot could be 100% CC free.  Also, the room I originally set up as a nursery had been bugging me for a while; it just didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the house.  It’s now a small home gym, and I think it flows much better:

Home Gym

Nothing else has really changed.  The replacement patterns are as close to the original as possible, so I doubt you’ll notice a difference.  If you’re new to the home or just want a refresher, here’s the slideshow for it.  Also, you can read a post with full details about the original and my inspiration for it here.

The furnished version can now be downloaded from the Exchange here (requirements are listed there), and the unfurnished version can be obtained here.  It requires expansion packs: World Adventures, Late Night, Generations, and Ambitions; stuff packs: High-End Loft and Outdoor Living; and uses store items:  Glass Flowers Column, BahHaus Stupendous Door, BahHaus Immaculate Window, Transparent Window by BahHaus, Transcendental Window by BahHaus, Intrinsic Windows by BahHaus, and Taintless Window by BahHaus.