The Executive Retreat – Revised

Executive Retreat

I uploaded this home back in November 2011.  I was just starting to go down the road of building without using custom content.  This home was *almost* CC free, but I still used custom patterns.  I really love this house and so decided to revisit it and replace the patterns with EA patterns so that the lot could be 100% CC free.  Also, the room I originally set up as a nursery had been bugging me for a while; it just didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the house.  It’s now a small home gym, and I think it flows much better:

Home Gym

Nothing else has really changed.  The replacement patterns are as close to the original as possible, so I doubt you’ll notice a difference.  If you’re new to the home or just want a refresher, here’s the slideshow for it.  Also, you can read a post with full details about the original and my inspiration for it here.

The furnished version can now be downloaded from the Exchange here (requirements are listed there), and the unfurnished version can be obtained here.  It requires expansion packs: World Adventures, Late Night, Generations, and Ambitions; stuff packs: High-End Loft and Outdoor Living; and uses store items:  Glass Flowers Column, BahHaus Stupendous Door, BahHaus Immaculate Window, Transparent Window by BahHaus, Transcendental Window by BahHaus, Intrinsic Windows by BahHaus, and Taintless Window by BahHaus.


4 thoughts on “The Executive Retreat – Revised

  1. Your creative mind is simply ingenious. The fact that it took you months to built this work of art emphasizes the patience, time, and meticulous detail you put into every molecule of this craft. The aesthetics are astounding.

    I think what is currently unfortunate, because I hope that someday it can be improved, is the fact that sometimes designers have to choose between including or not including custom content. In almost 100% of cases the designer is limited from expressing their full idea and potential and often times it’s that one thing that gets it ‘just’ right.

    Your eye for detail is amazing.


    1. Thank you so much for the compliments, Gadiel! I agree with you about custom content. In the beginning, I embraced it because of all the options it offered, and because in most cases, it was free or much cheaper than EA store items. However, there have been so many issues with CC, that it has turned off a huge part of the user base. I escaped the worst of it (never got the dreaded doll), but I did experience problems. Then the pets patch came along, breaking it all, and that was it for me; I didn’t want to build lots anymore that would include items that could be problematic later. By then, the store selection had grown huge too and could support most builds, if one could afford to buy the items. I’m fortunate in that I can, but I feel for those who cannot. I think EA could easily solve this issue by providing an official software tool for CC creation, just as they did for patterns and worlds. I hope they will do this for Sims 4.

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