The Lindenwood

At last, one of my long-time WIPs is finally complete!  Enjoy a fun, retro vibe in The Lindenwood, a custom content free 2 story family home that is situated on a 30×30 lot and costs ~$173k furnished.  It consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, large open concept living/dining/kitchen, a mini office, and an attached garage.  The spacious, private backyard will provide your sims with outdoor dining, a pool and jacuzzi, and plenty of children’s activities.  The home’s decor includes many unique paintings and photos that were taken in game, and my favorite feature is a custom built aquarium on the 2nd floor landing.

You may download the furnished version here.  I am also offering an unfurnished version so that those with fewer expansions/stuff packs/store items can still make use of the home; download it here.  The home was originally inspired by this image:

I also went hunting for a lot of inspiration when it came to designing the interiors, since 60’s/70’s style is not really my regular aesthetic.  To see more of what inspired me, view my inspiration slideshow.

Below are some photos that highlight some of my favorite features in The Lindenwood, but rather than posting every single picture here, I’d like to refer you to my slideshow where the images are a bit larger, and you can cycle through them as quickly or slowly as you please.

Pool/Jacuzzi with custom water feature

Open Living


Custom Aquarium (you have to watch it in live mode!)

1st Master Bedroom

2nd Master Bedroom

Kids Bathtub with fun porthole windows to aquarium

There is much, much more to see, so again, please have a look at my slideshow.

Requirements for furnished version:  As I uploaded this version to the Exchange, you can view the detailed list here.

Requirements for unfurnished version:  Expansions:  World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Stuff Packs: Master Suite, Store Items: Window Group by BahHaus, Window to the Soul by BahHaus, Rustic Staycation Whirlpool Station,  High-Reaching Window by BahHaus, Rise in the East Window, Stäncké Sun Beam, and La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus.


9 thoughts on “The Lindenwood

  1. Please don’t be dismayed that you haven’t gotten many comments. People today just don’t take time to express their good opinions. The lot is stunning, I love the colors and the attention to detail. Thank you so much for creating this lot and more than that for sharing it freely. All the best to you and keep designing you are a very talented person.

    1. Thanks so much, Hephtsibah! I create first and foremost because I love it, so even if no one were to like my work, I’d be okay. 🙂 However, I appreciate the great feedback and your encouragement.

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