Progress Update

These days, I’ve got lots of irons in the fire.  I’ve uploaded my CC free builds to the Exchange, and I’m pleased to report that they’re doing well.  In fact, my Executive Retreat got featured!  That’s when a forum moderator called a “simguru” chooses to highlight your work.  I’d never been featured before; it’s amazing how much more attention your upload gets.  The Executive Retreat is now up to 4000+ downloads and nearly 100 recommendations!  I’ve got a new thread on the forums to showcase my builds and WIPs.  You’ll get most of the same information here, but I am likely to post it more immediately on the thread.

As far as my actual building progress goes, I’m currently finalizing my Austere build.

Front Exterior

Technically, it’s already finished, but since I began staging it for pictures, I keep making little tweaks here and there.  Its completion really is imminent, but I got diverted by the release of Lucky Palms, the new store world.

Lucky Palms

I’ve never been inclined to buy a store world before, but it’s just gorgeous, and once I saw the build objects that were included, I had to have it.  The key objects were the new clearstory windows.

I’ve been longing for EA to create Alpine style windows since the release of the game, and these new windows are the closest thing to it.  I’m disappointed that they don’t come in more sizes/angles, but it’s a good start and enough to enable me to attempt to revise my Forest Retreat home so that it will be CC free.  I always loved that build, but I used a ton of CC in it and couldn’t really continue to recommend it.  Now, I’ll be able to show it off again!  I’m also working on a new build for Lucky Palms.  I’m in love with the dock area where the lots are placed directly over the water.

Lucky Palms Docks

I’m a designing a home that fits with the other EA pre-built homes there but offers some unique features that will make it a standout.  The highlight will be the pool with a true infinity edge and accompanying water feature.

Front Exterior

Back Exterior

View from Pool

Once all of those projects are done, I hope to work on a casino and what I’m calling a “mystery” project.  I’m trying something that I haven’t seen done before (maybe it has been, but I haven’t seen it!).

If all that weren’t enough, I was so inspired by Lucky Palms that I decided to host another home building contest.  Lucky Palms has a lot of interesting pre-built lots, but most of them only accomodate a small family.  I couldn’t find much on the Exchange that would fill this gap and fit with the desert theme, so a contest seemed like the perfect way to get more options.  I enjoy hosting these contests anyway, so any excuse will do!  If you’re interested in participating or just want to watch the action, check out the contest thread.


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