The Edgewater

The Edgewater

Find your paradise on the pier with this custom content free, fully furnished ~92k 2 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath home on the lake.  There is cozy living, dining, and sleeping downstairs with the entire upstairs dedicated to entertaining, including outdoor dining, lounging, a jacuzzi and a true infinity edge pool with unique water features.

You may download the furnished version here (or here if the Exchange isn’t working for you).  I am also offering an unfurnished version so that those with fewer expansions/stuff packs/store items can still make use of the home; download it here.  Please be sure to place the lot at 14 The Lake or 18 The Lake in order to preserve the infinity edge effect.  I have discovered some funkiness if you try to place it on the opposite dock lots (apparently due to rotating the lot in order to get it facing correctly – I am still investigating).

For this build, I was inspired by the amazing new Lucky Palms store world itself; the colors are so rich, and the vistas are endless.

Lucky Palms

I gravitated toward the dock area because I’ve always loved homes that are on or near the water.  I wanted to design a house that would be a fit with the pre-existing lots but would provide a little something extra:

Back Exterior

Along with the water features, I’ve been working on figuring out how to create a true infinity edge pool for a while, and I thought if there’s ever a place that calls for it, it’s here!

True Infinity Edge Pool

That’s not an illusion – it’s a true infinity edge, and no mods, hacks, or custom content was used to create it!

As you’ve probably noticed from my past few builds, I am also very into in-game photography at this point.  I like to use it to provide my homes with unique decor.  The first thing I did after installing Lucky Palms was to send my photography sim out and about to capture the incredible scenery.  I decided to base my interior color palette and design around the images I captured.  Here are some images from the downstairs interior:

Living Room

Dining Room


Study Nook


Two of my favorite rooms are the bedrooms.  I decided to flashback a bit to a contest I once entered where I made rooms that were based upon the theme of day vs. night.  In this case, I have one bedroom I call the Sunrise Room:

Sunrise Bedroom

More of Sunrise Room

and the other is (of course) called the Sunset Room:

Sunset Room

More of Sunset Room

For the upstairs, I wanted to focus on making this home the entertainment destination on the docks.  In the interior, amidst photos that highlight the local flora, I set up a pool table and karaoke station (there’s a small 1/2 bathroom too):

Pool Table

Karaoke and Dancing

On the front deck, I added outdoor dining and a well-stocked bar:

Outdoor Dining


Of course, you’ve already seen the pool and jacuzzi in the back, but let me show you a closer view.  There are also a couple of places to lounge:

Closer View of Jacuzzi/Pool/Water Feature

Relax Here

Or Here

Here is the floorplan for the top level of the home:

Floorplan – Top Level

Here is the floorplan for the lower level:

Floorplan – Bottom Level

Requirements for furnished version:  As I uploaded this version to the Exchange, you can view the detailed list here.

Requirements for unfurnished version:  Expansions (Pets, Late Night, Showtime, Generations, and Ambitions), Stuff Packs (Town Life), Store Items: (Haute Hip Ceiling Light, A-Simetry Portal).


12 thoughts on “The Edgewater

  1. This is another beautiful lot. For some reasons I get an oops error when I try to load the exchange. Can you please upload the furnished version here also. Thanks so much for another stunning creation!

  2. Ok,

    When you said you made an infinity pool without hacks… THAT inpressed me. This is ingenious, I wish I could figure that out because I only know how to make one with the testingcheats!

    You’re truly an innovator for the community.


    1. Gadiel, thank you, but I meant that I created the pool without using mods or custom content. I definitely had to use testingcheatsenabled true and then CFE in order to make it.

      If I recall, I added you as a friend on website. If you use it, you should check out my builds thread: on the forums. It turns out, my little innovation only goes so far…as far as Lucky Palms, at least for the time being. The behavior of water height is working differently in LP than in other worlds. I explain it in detail on the thread, and I will post updates when/if I find out more (I’ve got questions in to modthesims and SimGuruSarah). It’s a bit of a bummer; as I said in the thread, just my luck that the first time I go to do this, I try it in LP, and assume it will work the same way elsewhere (although it should!).

  3. Just grabbed LP myself recently and i saw that there is one empty space at that pier thing and there is also one empty lot. So this would fit in there. I guess this is also 20×15?
    Anyway, great job.

  4. Hehe, I think I just figured out how you made your infinity pool ^____^

    Great house, but I’ve already told you that – I’ll definitely be playing it when I get home 😀

    –Wibble 🙂

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