Progress Update

I’m still (slowly) working away at various builds these days.  My time seems to be getting more limited, not less!  As I mentioned in a prior updated, I’ve started revising my Forest Retreat to remove all custom content (and hopefully improve the build).  However, I probably won’t release it until after Supernatural comes out.  I saw some objects in that expansion that look like they might fit quite well into this home, so I’m going to wait and see.  In the meantime, here is a shot of the revised exterior:

Forest Retreat Redux

I’ve also been revising my Breezeway build in the same manner as the Forest Retreat.  Here again is another build I really like and that I think can be improved as well as cleaned up.  However, I’m going to hold off on its release as well, since there are a rumors of a beach themed stuff pack coming out down the road and the Seasons expansion itself is likely to provide furniture and decor that could really benefit this home.  Here are a few shots of what I’ve been doing with the interior to tide (haha) you over:

Sitting Area



As you can see, I’m using in-game photography again to enhance the space and will be doing the same in the Forest Retreat (I had fun trying to photograph the various wild life from the Pets expansion!).  I’m trying to stay as true to the original as possible, including photographing CC that I used and using the photos instead of the CC!  What a great way to hang onto CC you love without actually keeping it!

I started another little build for a contest on the forums.  The requirements for the contest changed such that I no longer need to complete the build, but I kind of like it and think I’ll stick with it.  It’s just in an early structural stage at this point and will be a relatively small modern on a 20×20 lot:

Cole’s Place

Finally, there’s my mystery project that I’ve been so excited about.  It was originally going to be a residence, but it has morphed into what I plan to be a gym/rec center.  Take a look at this early exterior shot (note that I’m still developing the structure and haven’t gotten to any landscaping or interiors yet):


Can you figure out why I’ve called it Reflections?  I don’t think the location I’ve got it in currently for building does it justice – once I’ve got it in a setting where it’s next to a lake or river, for instance, it should pop!

So when will I be finishing up these various builds?  Well, don’t expect them anytime soon unfortunately!  But if all goes well, I think I should have at least one or two of them done by the New Year.  I’m determined to spend at least some of my play time in the next few months actually *playing* the new expansions.  Truthfully, I never finished exploring the gameplay going back to the Generations expansion pack, so I have a lot of catching up to do.  I may start highlighting some of my favorite builds from other amazing builders during the lull.  There are some gorgeous and CC free builds out there that get far too little attention.  I’m also likely to host another contest or two.  I’ll keep you posted!