Forest Retreat Redux

Forest Retreat Redux

Embedded in nature, this CC free, 4 bed/4 bath A-Frame offers rustic living on a wooded 50×50 lot for 168k furnished.  Amenities include living room and den, both with fireplaces, open kitchen, dining, and bar area, and oversized garage with an attached workshop.  The backyard offers a pool, jacuzzi, treehouse, outdoor dining, and relaxing.  In game photography was used throughout the home for an authentic feel.

You may download the furnished version here.  I am also offering an unfurnished version so that those with fewer expansions/stuff packs/store items can still make use of the home; download it here.

This is not a new build, but rather one of my old favorites that unfortunately was crammed full of custom content.  At the time, there just wasn’t that much store and expansion pack content suitable for the type of home I wanted to build.  I especially felt that it needed the CC windows and chimney that I used.  Now, since the release of the clear story windows in Lucky Palms and with the advent of additional rustic themed objects in the store and in the latest Supernatural expansion, the custom content is no longer necessary.

You can read about my original inspiration and home here.  In addition to revising the home to remove CC, I also tried to improve the property in various ways, from structure and roofing to landscaping and interior layout.  Again, I used in-game photography to create beautiful and unique moments in the interior.  Here are some images of the home.  To see more, please take a look at my slideshow.  Hope you enjoy the new and improved version of the Forest Retreat!

Pool/Jacuzzi – I did some reshaping here to make it look more natural

Kids Play Area – so nice to be able to use a real treehouse. That rabbit is so cute! Or is it creepy?…

Living Room – the new lounger from Supernatural is perfect for this space, as is the faux animal rug

Kitchen – I hope it’s quite an improvement over the original

Revised Den

Revised Master Bedroom – I really wish the rustic column could be extended beyond a single story, but since it can’t, I tried to top the columns in a way that would look good

Nursery – was an empty room in the original; I decided I shouldn’t be lazy and should go ahead and give it a purpose in this edition

Requirements for furnished version:  As I uploaded this version to the Exchange, you can view the detailed list here.  Note that the store list does not include (but should) pieces from The Complete Castle by Castle Kits (unfortunately, they cannot be purchased individually – I used them to build the chimney), Greek Window from the Olympic Physique set, and the clear story windows from Lucky Palms (again cannot be purchased indvidually, at least at the current time)

In the unfurnished version, I used items from World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, and Pets.  I also used the following store items: The Sims Classic- Knot-Hole by Log Creations, The Sims Classic- Forever Redwood Potted Tree, Mega Nega-Door, pieces from The Complete Castle by Castle Kits and the clear story windows from Lucky Palms.


Desert Home Building Competition Results

I just finished hosting a desert home building contest on the Sims 3 forums (check it out here).  This contest was in honor of the new Lucky Palms store world.

Lucky Palms

EA provided a lot of interesting homes for the world but very few were large enough to accommodate a family.  Thus, I wanted to see what my fellow builders could come up with to fill in the gap.

I had many extremely high quality entries in this competition, and I’m eager to showcase the top 10!  I scored the builds across a number of categories, including architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting, functionality, and forums presentation.  I also awarded bonus points for things like innovation, cool water features, attention to detail, wow moments, etc.  All homes are custom content free.

10. Cabalina Mansion by Chewablechain

Cabalina Mansion has curb appeal to spare.  I was really impressed by the architecture, and the landscaping works well too.

Cabalina Mansion


The pool in the backyard is an especially nice touch.

The interior color scheme doesn’t always gel for me, but I appreciate the attention to detail.

9. Desert Respite by Kc922

Desert Respite has an attractive exterior design..

Desert Respite

The landscaping is minimal but the little pond is a nice touch.

The interior is nicely done if not extremely inventive; colors are well balanced and there is great attention to detail.

I really like Desert Panorama’s modern archictecture and natural landscaping as it rises from the hillside.

Desert Panorama

The interior is minimalist but still with attention to detail, and the views are indeed panoramic.

I thought there was an especially nice moment in the dining room.

7. Solar Simicycle by Alstromeria

Solar Simicycle is such a fun build – it’s definitely a home to get noticed.  I’m not normally a fan of so much busy brickwork, but I think it works in this case.

Solar Simicycle

One spot I really liked was the secluded little jacuzzi grotto.

Another was the colorful dining room with an excellent view of the pool.

6. Blythe Modern by Walkingstick 

Blythe Modern has a clean, modern look with quite a dramatic backyard.  I especially love the jacuzzi within the pool, something I hadn’t seen before.

Blythe Modern

The interior is nicely done; I really appreciate the use of in-game photography.

5. Cashmere by Stevesuzz

Cashmere is another modern I really like.  It’s got good, interesting architecture, and the landscaping works nicely.


One of my favorite moments is the cool little deck floating over the pool.

There is also a very pretty water feature in the interior.

Nomad’s oasis Desert Home is something different, and I really like it.  The structures are simple, but the balance among the three gives it real dimension.  The interesting shape of the pool and the landscaping further enhances the build.

Nomad’s Oasis Desert Home

The custom aquarium was a nice touch.

I especially like the girl’s bedroom with its lovely, vivid color palette.

Our third place winner is a great take on an adobe – the structure and fencing really work, and the water features in the front are lovely.

Hesperia Springs

The pool in the back has a beautiful, natural looking shape with such nice landscaping around it and was a real wow moment for me.

The interior of the home is lovely too. I like the open ceiling massage area.

Love this dramatic bedroom.

And this one too!

Our second place winner has splendid architecture and landscaping.  It’s amazing to me how well it fits the desert theme without using Lucky Palms objects or plants!

Santa Fe Splendor for Lucky Palms

Look at the detail on the roofing alone!

I think one of the strongest words that comes to mind when I view this home is authentic – so much care was obviously put into the details here.

Check out the lovely outdoor fireplace.

And the kitchen with bar seating.

One room I loved was the kids pirate themed bedroom – so cute and inventive.

I also love the master bath with skylight.

1. Desert Dreams Mediterranean by Starguru 

I just can’t say enough good things about this build, our grand prize winner; it has it all!  The architecture is the first thing you notice, and it’s breathtaking.  If I had anything negative to say at all about this build it would be that the landscaping is a bit overdone – but it was intended to be lush, and it achieves that.

Desert Dreams Mediterranean

Look at the lovely fountain area, a place I’d gladly sit and while the day away.

The outdoor dining room is gorgeous.

The inner courtyard with it’s multiple levels is inspiring too.

There is even a secret garden you can find if you search carefully!

The interiors are opulent and really well done – no detail was overlooked, and each room is beautiful.

Here’s a sitting room.


Dining Room

But my absolute favorite rooms are the two master baths; I love the technique that was used to make them appear to have platform tubs.  These bathrooms are the most romantic and charming I’ve ever seen in the game!

A Master Bath

Another Master Bath

I received 31 entries for the contest, so there are many wonderful homes that didn’t quite make the top 10 but are well worth a look.  If you’re in the market for a great Lucky Palms home, you can always check the original forum thread here.