Status Update

It’s been a while, and I’m afraid I don’t yet have a new build complete.  I have so much going on in my daily life that I find very little time (and energy) to focus on building.  However, I am making progress on my gym, Reflections, and I don’t think it will take too much longer to complete.  Here are a couple of WIP pictures:

Front Exterior View

Back Exterior View

As you can see, it’s a huge structure, so the inside has taken some time to define, and I’m now in the process of furnishing and decorating.  I hope that this gym will offer something for everyone.  It will have the expected workout equipment, of course but also some surprises.  I’m building it in Sunlit Tides because I love the way the colors of the world are reflected in the mirrors on the building – they really show off the concept I was going for.  I think the structure could also work as a hotel/resort, and perhaps down the road with the Island Paradise expansion, I will explore that aspect of it.

I’ve also got a couple more builds going that are in the very early stages.  I’m not ready to show off WIP pictures of them yet, but I will show you the homes that inspired them:

Apache Peak


Finally, I’m hosting a new building contest on The Sims 3 forums.  I’m challenging builders to create single story homes that are innovative and interesting.  I ran this same competition last year and had some excellent entries.  Interest seems strong this time around, and I’ve already got quite a few submissions.  The contest will be open until March 31st, so there’s plenty of time to join!  Click here if you’re interested (lurkers are welcome too!).


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