Annual Single Story Build Competition – Top 10 Homes

Bry’s Single Story Home Building Competition

I recently wrapped up my (now annual) Single Story Build competition.  I love hosting this contest, since it generates so many wonderful, easy-to-play lots.  The response this year was amazing – over 50 entries!  It was quite a task to review and judge them all.  I scored the entries across a number of categories, including architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting, functionality, and forums presentation.  I also awarded bonus points for things like innovation, cool water features, attention to detail, excellence in decor, etc.  All homes are custom content free.  The builders this year really stepped up to the challenge and created some of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen in the game!  Without further ado, here are my top 10:

10. Rest Haven by Simphomaniac1

Rest Haven is an architectural wonder.  It was one of the two top scorers in that category due to the level of interest and detail put into the exterior.


I especially loved the effect of the diagonal slats in the outdoor pavillion building.


The pool area is brilliantly designed.


The interiors are nicely done.


I’m especially fond of the rooms that take advantage of the additional ceiling height.



9.  Fairytale Charm by WrathofCath

This home has a charming exterior with fanciful landscaping that I really enjoyed.


Wandering through the backyard, you will slip right into Spring as you are surrounded by lush flowers along the walkway.


You can pause to relax by the lovely small pond with water feature.


The interiors are nicely done as well, with a comfortable warmth to them.


I especially loved the romantic master bedroom.


8. Eyre House by liquidy

I really like the architecture and layout of Eyre House.  The diagonal garage attached to the house by a mostly glass walkway is an interesting touch.


The backyard is lovely, offering a great play area for the kids, a large shady patio, pool/jacuzzi, and large vegetable garden.



The interiors are nicely done; the master bedroom and bathroom with its step-up tub area were my two favorite interior spaces.



7. The Soho by Kementari

I was not super wild about this home’s architecture from the front, but taking a look from the back is a whole other story.  The level of detail really makes it stand out.



One particular spot I loved was the outdoor room with skylight.


Where this build really comes into its own though is in its interior design.  It is one of only two builds in the entire competition to achieve a nearly perfect score in that category.  I think the images from the interior will speak for themselves as to why.




6. Rise of the Phoenix by VanessaMendieta

Rise of the Phoenix’s architecture is unique.  I love the extreme high rise and the added ceiling height.  The neutral brick and woodwork is also well done.


The backyard with its windowed pool and jacuzzi + water feature is also obviously very eye catching.


The interiors are airy and chic with distinctive pops of color.



My favorite interior space was this funky little bedroom; I loved all the play with striping.


5. Dream House for Contest by Agnezawars

Agnezawars’ entry is inventive, well balanced and fun.  I appreciated the distinctive architecture and clean landscaping.



Placing bubble columns by the jacuzzi was a cute touch.  I didn’t take any pictures, but this home also has excellent night lighting.


The interiors are colorful and creative.  In-game photography was used to nice effect.  Unfortunately, the images didn’t appear properly in my game, but you can see them as they were meant to be in Agnez’s photos here.


4. Haven House by HappySimmer3

This home is well balanced, with good architecture, clean landscaping, and a nice interior.  The exterior is well proportioned with interesting details, and the excellent landscaping really enhances its curb appeal.


The interiors are crisp and clean, done in a very pleasant color palette, and I was pleased to see in game artwork used, as well as other little personal touches.




3. Modish and Modern by luvalphle

This build is quite impressive.  I love the modern architecture with a variety of heights and the creator’s choice of columns, pillars, and fencing to enhance the landscaping.


The home packs an extra punch at night with its exterior lighting.  I love the glow around the roof.  I think that lighting is an often overlooked asset to a great build.


The backyard pool area is lovely; I really appreciate the water effects cascading from the jacuzzi to the pool.


The interior is well planned out and nicely done as well.



2. Jewel of the Golden Sands by luckyheather

Jewel of the Golden Sands is like a desert dream come true; it shimmers with beauty inside and out.  The exterior architecture is clean and well proportioned.


The landscaping and outdoor areas are beautifully done; I especially love the shaded pavillion area.


The interiors are bright and modern, with a hint of the exotic.




1. Chula Vista by Blacksand

While many of the the Top 10 homes were very close in score (some just fractions of points away from each other!), Chula Vista was the clear overall winner.  This home really has it all and received high marks across the board.  The exterior arhitecture is beautifully done, and the landscaping perfectly suits it.  It has a subtle, old-world charm.


The outdoor living areas are lovely and inventive.



The interiors are beautiful.  I love the colors and patterns and how well they flow together.



For a real touch of luxury, I adore the master bedroom.


This Top 10 really is a “best of the best.”  There are so many more wonderful builds that came very close to making it into the top that you really must stop by the thread and take a look.  I guarantee you’ll find the perfect single story home for your sims there!

I want to conclude this post by thanking all of the contest entrants – thanks to their hard work and creative insights, we have amazing options for single story play rather than a boring box!  Thanks as well to everyone who supported the contest with well deserved praise for the builders and encouragement to keep the thread moving along.  And last but certainly not least, thank you to my sponsors, Ivanna, DangerDanger, and Candyeyedsimmy, who jumped in to cover additional prizes; I so appreciate your support!


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