My First Sims 4 Work in Progress

I was planning to just stick to playing for the first few weeks after getting TS4…but I couldn’t resist wanting to check out the new build mode.  There are definitely a lot of constraints now that I find myself chafing against.  It’s really tough having no cheats whatsoever available, and some of the “smart” tools are quite irksome because you are unable to take manual control when you want/need to.  A prime example of that came when I decided to try my hand at the Volga Patchwork House.

This was a house that I started working on in TS3, and I thought that perhaps with TS4’s shiftable windows, it might be easier.  It’s straightforward in terms of levels; the complexity is in the exterior siding.  I soon discovered that we can no longer choose to use panels with siding in any position we like; they will only go on corners.  And you can’t even do something to trick it, like creating a corner, placing the wall paper, and then deleting one of the walls, because as soon as you delete it, the wall paper reverts to a version with no siding.  Very frustrating not to have manual control over this – we did in TS3!

So for now, I’ve moved on to the Brick Wall House.

I think this house will make for a good starter or next bump up abode, and fortunately, I haven’t encountered anything that makes it impossible to build a decent replica.  The most irritating issues so far have been to do with the color palette (in my opinion, we at least need to have primary colors available for each object), lack of a very low and narrow fence that can be used as edging (the new edging tool is nifty, but again, you have no manual control – it’s all or nothing, and that doesn’t work well with this house, and boy do I miss the Bauhaus windows from TS3 – were always so great to have when creating a modern.  Still, it’s coming along.  Here are some shots:

P.S.  The sims I mentioned in my last post are all now available on the gallery along with a few more from the cast and my attempt at actor Rutger Hauer (unrelated to Veronica Mars).  Simply search for my hashtag, #bryscreations.


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