The Acrophobic Penthouse

My latest creation was designed for The Sims 4 forums Build ‘n Share challenge # 2.  I had a tough time getting started because the concept – to build a ground floor penthouse – just didn’t gel with me.  However, I was able to come up with a little story for it; that the buyer, who was described as a famous adventurer and explorer, has acrophobia, or a fear of heights.  It reminded me of Indiana Jones and his fear of snakes.  It’s funny, and it made the whole thing fit for me.

It took me so long to get started, that once I did, I was fighting to get done before the deadline.  Even though I understood that this one was really about the interior design, I couldn’t resist playing with the architecture and spent way more time on it than I probably should have.  I think the interiors probably could have been more cohesive, but as with the exterior architecture, the interiors were a lot about play and discovery for me.  I’m still learning the new TS4 toolset and still exploring what can and can’t be done.  If I don’t score well because of that, oh well!

Here are some additional images of the exterior.  The home is situated on a 40×30 lot, contains 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and costs 149K (the budget was 150K, so I squeaked in just under!).  It was built for entertainment, with a huge balcony (that includes a fake pool – I want real pools back!) and expansive, open living and dining spaces.  Like my first BnS build, this is so specific, I don’t know who would actually want to play it, but it is pretty to look at, I think!

Moving on to the interior, one of the requirements was to create a lobby, like one might see in a real penthouse.  I wasn’t thrilled by this aspect, but I saw a lobby image I liked and took inspiration from it:

I went in a different direction out of necessity, but I hope you can still see the concept.

Even though I like how it came out, it’s probably a weak point of the build in terms of the challenge requirements.

Moving on, here are some additional shots of my favorite parts of the interior:

It was fun to use high ceilings in this build, but it’s also pretty limited at this point in terms of what’s available in base game for a taller level; very small selection of doors and windows and not many objects built with a high ceiling in mind.  I look forward to having an expanded selection of items for multiple levels in the future.

The next few shots are of the home’s central bathroom.  I really had fun in there, doing a sort of yin yang style, and I refused to let the orange door defeat me!  I sure do miss being able to color both sides of the door, as we could in TS3.

Next is a cute little office for our adventurer with a perhaps not so subtle nod to the acrophobia again (but then, I’m not terribly subtle!):

I had fun giving the master suite a hidden entrance via the “secret” bookshelf door.  They really need to create some matching bookshelves that are also inset into the wall though.

I wanted the master suite to be a refined, masculine getaway.

There is also a guest bedroom that I struggled with.  I just couldn’t get the color scheme and placement of stuff in here entirely to my liking.  I decided to go for somewhat playful, but I can’t say I’m 100% pleased with it.  I think the orange door did manage to defeat me in here.

And here’s the balcony.  I love the shape.  I just wish there were more outdoor items and that I could have placed a real pool.

Here are some overheads, so that you can get a feel for the layout:

And as always, a couple of evening and night shots to show how the exterior appearance changes with the light.

Thanks for looking!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the story behind them.  You can find the Acrophobic Penthouse in the online Gallery here, or in game by searching for its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.

Update: I have revised the original lot to replace the fountain with a real pool.  The revision is called Penthouse with Pool (click here to download it online).


5 thoughts on “The Acrophobic Penthouse

    1. 3 ways, Anna: you can search for Acrophobic in the Item Name, or choose my Origin ID, which is BryonyRae, or choose the hashtag (#) search type, and enter my hashtag, bryscreations.

  1. Just an FYI that this home has been updated to replace the fountain on the deck with a real pool, now that they’re out (11/4/14). You can find the revised version by looking for “Penthouse with Pool.”

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