Colonial Coalescence

Another Build ‘n Share challenge creation, and one that definitely took me outside of my comfort zone, at least partially.  It was a bit of an odd one (perhaps they all will be) in that it called for a traditional colonial exterior but a modern interior.  It also had an extremely tight budget for the requirements (2-3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, and a workshop for 100k).  Boy, did I struggle with this one, mostly due to the budget, and it took up a ton of time.

I started with a completely different design, that was shaping up like this:

As time went on, I realized it was just too big and would cost too much to complete.  I attempted to downsize it, but it just wasn’t working, so I scrapped it and started over.  I’m glad that I did, as the new build moved along swiftly after that.  I may just come back to the original at some point though, and complete it as a traditional home throughout (without worrying about the budget).  This was another build where I found a ton of issues and oddities, particularly with regard to the way the game handles color and lighting, but that’s a whole different story (I do have a build mode feedback thread on the forums if you’re interested.)

Moving on to the completed home, here are more images of the exterior:

We had to create the home on a huge lot, 50×50, and as you can see, the landscaping is minimal.  I would have liked to do more, but there was just no way on such a limited budget.  I was amazed by how much the various trees, shrubs, and flowers cost!  In fact, I was amazed by the prices of objects in general once I was really paying attention.  $30 for a Kleenex box?!  Anyway, back to the images.

You can see the couple for whom I built the house, Don and Judy Olsen, in the shot above.  I plopped them onto the lot at one point for play testing and pictures.  Most of the time, I just let them do their thing on free will.  I would ordinarily ignore sims during a build, but I had to say, these two really charmed me, and I may well play them.

I love the oversized windows on the workshop, gives it an almost dollhouse quality.

Moving on to the interior, I’ll start with the open kitchen and dining, which is on one end of the first level:

Don loves the color brown, whereas Judy goes for blue, so I tried to keep that in mind for a mostly blue and brown color scheme.  Don is a woodworker, so I tried to put in wood touches where possible, envisioning that perhaps he had crafted the kitchen cabinets and/or built the dining room table.

I wanted to use the industrial kitchen style, again because of the woodwork and also the cool off blue color of the metal, but I ran into my first color problem here – the windows.  These particular windows are darling from the outside, perfect little shuttered windows, but the interior color cannot be changed, and that green which I wanted on the exterior is not the best for the kitchen.  I also could not seem to get a style I was happy with for the window coverings.  I fear my kitchen may be a misstep in terms of doing well in the challenge.

I really like how the dining room turned out though – for once, all of the colors were working perfectly.

Here’s a peek-a-boo study nook.  See the shadows under the lights?  Sigh…

And a view of the nook and entry leading to the living room.  I couldn’t resist trying to do something with the ceiling again to give it texture, this time using a window treatment enlarged and placed at the top of the wall.  You’ll see more of it in the following shots.

I just think touches like these really help a modern space, which should grab the eye and refuse to let go!

There is also a half bath on the first floor, but it’s tiny and utilitarian, so I’m not going to bother with pictures.  Let’s move upstairs to the landing:

It’s funny how, enlarged, a child’s picture can work quite well as modern art.

Obviously, I couldn’t spend a ton of money on the landing, but I tried to put in a couple of flourishes.  One of my favorite areas in the house would have to be the master bedroom and bathroom:

There’s that inescapable green on the bay window though, argh.

Since I really went for a minimalist but luxurious feel in the master, there wasn’t a whole lot left for the other two bedrooms and bathroom.  I had a ton of color problems in the first bedroom, but it worked out in the end.

The shared bathroom is basic but functional (green window again though):

And the last bedroom is barely furnished so hardly worth looking at.  it was not actually required but was considered a plus to have, so I hope its barren nature won’t be a detriment in the challenge.  It does have a bed!  And curtains! 😛

Finally, here is Don’s woodworking worshop.  It provides a good sized space for any hobbyist.

Here are some overheads so that you can see the property layout:

And to close, of course some evening and night shots.  Nothing hugely special about them though.  I didn’t have extra money to do something impressive with lighting.

And that’s it for this one!  Once again, I had fun, got completely frustrated, and learned a ton.  I may skip some of the upcoming challenges, as I’m not finding any time to work on my own ideas.  But watch, the next challenge will wind up being somehow irresistible to me!  If you’re interested in checking out Colonial Coalescence in game, you can download it from the online Gallery here, or you can search for it in game by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Note that the home contains resized objects.  In order to retain the adjusted sizes, please add the home to your lot in build mode rather than via Manage Worlds.


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