Green’s Blue Victorian

I proudly present my fourth entry into The Sims 4 Build ‘n Share contest, an elaborately detailed Victorian era home created for a ghost!  I had been planning to skip this round in order to focus on some of my own ideas, but there was one Victorian house image that I’ve been hanging onto for a while:

I’ve never built a Victorian before, and I didn’t think I would be able to get anywhere close to approximating this home given the limited building options in the base game, but I figured there was no harm in seeing what could be done.  Next thing I knew, I was deeply engrossed in the build!

While I was inspired by the original, I let the architecture in the game take its own shape based on the challenge requirements: formal living/music room, kitchen, and dining room, 2 bedrooms (which had to be masters with attached baths) and a third full bath.  I struggled with the interiors a bit, but I am really happy with the final result!  Before we get into the interior, here are some additional exterior shots:

I had a good bit of fun in the backyard.  I looked up Victorian landscaping, and was pleased to learn that they had a sense of fun and liked to throw in a few exotic details.  In particular, I liked this image and wanted to do something similar (but obviously on a smaller scale):

Here’s what I came up with:

Here are a few close-up shots from the garden that I really like:

And originally, there was a gravestone with mourning gnomes!

This was because, in order to create the ghost sim required for the sim portion of the challenge, I had to ..ahem, arrange for a tragic incident involving a bit of hysteria.  I figured my ghost would appreciate having his gravestone placed (with appropriate humor) in the garden.  Unfortunately, graves and urns don’t transfer (yet), so I later revised the area.  I still wanted to give a nod to Halloween:

Well, enough spooky stuff; let’s move on to the interior!  For the challenge, it needed to be Old World, and the judges are, I think, looking for a luxurious feel, so that was what I went for; no modern conveniences, etc.  There is a small foyer upon entry.  I was originally inspired by this shot:

I thought maybe I could do something roughly similar with spandrels inside the house.  It’s a bit complicated in TS4, because if you create fences and spandrels inside a building, the game can get confused about what constitutes the inside vs. outside of the home.  Also, the game has a very aggressive fade in live mode, such that columns and ceiling lights completely disappear, even when you are still a good distance away from them.  I wound up using spandrels but not columns because of this.  It worked out better for object placement anyway.

There’s my foyer, and here’s another shot of it from above.

From the foyer, you can go left to the living room/music area or right, into the kitchen.  Let’s head left first.

The beautiful grand piano is the focal point of the room, of course, but I was disappointed that he chandelier would not show up in my live mode pictures.  I took a shot in build mode (angles are not so good) to at least show the effect.  I do hope EA reduces the fade or gives us options for this soon.

From the living room, you can access a full bath.  Nothing too thrilling, I suppose, but it is functional and pretty:

From the living room, you can also proceed through a back foyer to the backyard or dining room.  There is a small closet too, not shown.

Here is the dining room:

I’m taking a chance in the dining room, because one of the paintings is not strictly speaking “historical,” but I could not resist as its colors were perfect, and its frame is ornate (not the hen, although its colors worked really well too).  And I was again annoyed about the ceiling light going missing in my live shots, so here’s a build mode shot of it:

Now, let’s take a quick look at the kitchen before heading upstairs:

Moving upstairs, there is a small landing:

And then on, to the first of two indulgent master suites.  I call this one, the Blue Bedroom:

Again, I’ve got a slightly unconventional painting in here, but its colors were too perfect, and its frame fits.  Here is the attached master bath:

Not my usual style, but I thought a little water closet was called for here.  On to the second master suite, which I call the Pink Bedroom.

And its romantic en suite bathroom:

Here are overhead shots of the property and floor plan:

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Roofs On


I thought it might also be fun to show you a few images of my ghost, William Green.  It was no joke trying to get him to die of hysteria; it was ridiculously hard!  It also took forever go get my other sim’s relationship with him up to the level required in order to add him to the household.  I’m glad I didn’t wait until the last minute to try to get that all done!

Here he is checking out his new digs:

No risk in getting a little hysterical now, so might as well!

I had a good laugh when he possessed the ghost gnome!

How about a duet?

And of course, the ubiquitous selfie!

I almost forgot – a few more shots of the exterior during evening and night time:

Green’s Blue Victorian is situated on a 30×20 lot and costs $285,379 (Old World charm doesn’t come cheap!).  If you would like to take a look at the home in game, you can download it from the online Gallery here, or you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Note that the home contains resized objects.  In order to retain the adjusted sizes, please add the home to your lot in build mode rather than via Manage Worlds.


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