Green’s Blue Victorian Featured!

I was excited to see my Green’s Blue Victorian build featured in the latest issue of Living Sims Magazine (issue #35).  Check it out by clicking here!  It’s a lovely magazine, quite inspiring when it comes to interior design.  I’m honored to be a part of it.


Open Corners

How do you follow up a build like my Rock N Roll House that I posted last month?  Well, the answer is… not easily!  Inspiration like that just doesn’t strike every day, at least not for me.  I’ve had several “normal” builds in the works for a while now and decided to follow up on one of them.  This one is something of a companion piece to my Brick Wall House. Like the Brick Wall, Open Corners was inspired by a real life home designed by 123DV Architects.  I liked the concept they were playing with here – a very boxy design but broken up by lots of glass: However, as I worked the design in The Sims 4, I found that it was just falling pretty flat and needed some jazzing up.  I decided to extend the second floor deck out in order to provide more space for entertaining and taking in the views.  Also, the brick pattern was looking pretty monotone, and this particular build doesn’t have such striking architecture to carry it off, so I broke it up a bit with another wall style.  I don’t know that there’s much of a “wow factor” with this build (and it’s Gallery picture is certainly disappointing), but I still tried for small innovations where I could, and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I’ll show a bit more of the exterior during the daytime: The second story deck deserves a closer look.  It comes complete with a nearly 360 degree bar as well as a cozy outdoor fireplace area and a special ceiling treatment:   I do love the house at night; I couldn’t resist playing a bit more with colors and water features, even though this was not technically a rock star build: Moving on to the interior, the entry provides a good bit of room for shoes/coats/storage but in a very open way. To the immediate left is a small but full bathroom: The rest of the entire downstairs is open concept, so I will simply highlight each area in a clockwise fashion.  We’ll start with the kitchen: We continue to the dining area: There’s an artist’s nook in one corner. And as you can start to see, a sitting area to the right of it: Continuing clockwise, is the den, with a TV, bookshelf, and fireplace. That’s it for downstairs, so let’s head up.  It’s tough to see it, but I tried to make even the landing interesting with the opposing stairs and clear glass structures.  You can get a better idea of the layout of it when you view the overhead shots though. From the landing, sims can exit directly to the deck, which we’ve already seen, or they can enter one of two master bedrooms, each with its own walk-in closet and separate entry to a shared master bath. The first bedroom:   The second bedroom: And the bathroom they share, which is narrow but long: One final room to show you; its entrance is from the deck.  I’ve currently got it set up as a home gym, but it could easily be reworked for a third bedroom, hobby room, etc.  Here’s how I decorated it: Last on the list, the overhead views. 1st Floor: 2nd Floor: Open Corners is situated on a 30×20 lot (I used Dusty Turf) and costs $190,117.  If you would like to take a look at it in game, click here to download it from the online Gallery.  Or if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations. Note that the lot contains resized objects.  In order to retain the adjusted sizes, please add the home to your lot in build mode rather than via Manage Worlds.