Chokkaku (Right Angle)

Another longtime WIP finally complete!  I was originally inspired by this image of the Loft Niseko:

I loved the height and the angles; in fact, the WIP’s working title became Angle of Approach.  I struggled for a long time with the roofing; I wanted to do something special, but the inspiration just wasn’t coming.  It wasn’t until I started working on the landscaping and decided to go for an Asian style, that I decided to try integrating lighting with the roofing, and that was the edge I needed.  I also enjoyed experimenting with using basements to do something new with the landscaping – recessed gardens and a zen pool.

Here are some additional shots of the exterior:



Left Side:

Left Side Garden Nook:

Right Side:

Closer look at Shrine:

Bar and Outdoor Dining:


Trying to style an interior with Asian elements is a bit challenging in The Sims 4, as we don’t have many objects in the style, and there haven’t been any stuff packs released for the theme yet.  However, there are a good many custom content items available if you aren’t determined to stay CC free.  I am, but there was a technique I used in The Sims 3 where I installed CC, took photos of it, and then removed it from my game.  I then used the pictures in my builds while still keeping them CC free.  This is a bit trickier in TS4, but happily, it can still be done and is one of the main strategies I used for this build.

Chokkaku provides living, dining and kitchen spaces on the first floor.  Here is the entry:

Living Room:

Office Area:

Sitting Area with large, animated, modern fireplace:



Moving on to the second level, you’ll find a game area, study, bar, gym, and full bath:

The bedrooms and en suite bathrooms are located on the third floor.  Two bedrooms have been decorated with adults in mind:

Here is the bathroom they share:

Two bedrooms have been decorated with kids/teens in mind:

Here is the bathroom they share:

Here are overheads to show you the property layout:

Top Level (bedrooms and bathrooms):

Mid Level (games, study, bar, gym, bathroom):

Ground Level (living, office, kitchen, dining):

I also wanted to show you some close-ups of the unique artwork – some are images of custom content (creators noted below), and some I have created from scratch.

All art was created via painting by reference and is base game compatible; you do not need any packs to see the artwork.

And that’s it for Chokkaku; I hope you like it!  It was developed on a 30×20 lot (I used Dusty Turf in Oasis Springs) and costs $316,284.  Click here to download the build from the online Gallery.  Or, if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.

Note that in order to retain the lighting colors and intensities, you should add the home to your lot in build mode rather than via Manage Worlds.

If you experience any oddities during placement or play, I do apologize.  I tested this build to the best of my ability, both from a play testing perspective  and in placing it from my Library (several times!).  The only issue I found is the ongoing bug with rug stacking; rugs that overlap may not remain in the order that the creator placed them, ruining certain intended effects.  It is not a functional issue (and probably bugs me as the creator more than most downloaders).

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Chokkaku!

Custom Content Credits (remember, there is no actual custom content in the build – it’s CC free!):


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