Think Inside the Box… Part 1

Sometimes in order to think outside of the box, you have to think inside of it first…  Sounds like some bizarre quote from a philosophy class, doesn’t it?  No, it’s just me trying to figure out how to do the impossible in The Sims 4 again!

For a long time, I’ve daydreamed about having seamless glass windows, glass skylights, and glass floors in TS4.  It’s been nearly a year since the game was released, and they’re still not in there.  I decided I was done waiting; basement spaces to the rescue!

I began experimenting with ideas to accomplish my goals with only a relatively simple starter house in mind, as a proof of concept, but as development went on, I began to envision creating a series of homes to cover all aspects, from starter to mid-range to luxury.

It’s taken me a while, but I’m excited to finally present my Clearview series of homes!  These homes utilize enlarged display cases from the Get To Work expansion that have been placed using bb.moveobjects and basement spaces.  They are not only unique in terms of the exquisite, unblockable views they provide but are also fully playable (except for minor exceptions that will be noted), so even though I consider these builds experimental, they aren’t just for show.

Let’s take the tour!  In this first part of a 3 post series, I will start with…the starter!  If you would prefer to watch a video tour rather than scroll through a wall of images, I completely understand, and the video is available here.  If you’re continuing on, here are images of my Clearview Starter’s exterior.

Front Views:

I was going for bright, cheerful colors that carry on from exterior to interior, as well as a modern shape.

Right Side:


The back is pretty sparse due to the budget, but there is plenty of room back there and in the hallway for a study, workbench, etc. as your sims grow their funds.

Left Side:

I used 3 super enlarged display cases from the Get To Work expansion as the glass “boxes” in the home.  I think of them as being similar to shipping containers.  Here is a closer look at the roofing; I did not want to leave the cases completely open, but you can see that there is still a good deal of space for the skylights:

Taking a look at the interior, we don’t actually have to go *in* to see a lot of it, due to the large expanses of seamless glass.  Let’s peer through at the living room first:

Moving inside for a closer look:

I added my sim’s unique photos to several spaces in this build.  They’re a cheap way to add interest to an otherwise fairly bare bones area (since I’m on a starter budget).

Notice the view of the skylight from inside:

Let’s move on to the kitchen.  Here’s the view from outside:

And I just love the view from within the informal dining area:

I had to move the stove and some counters out of the display case as unlike most other interactive objects, stoves will not work if they are in contact with the case.  I think it worked out okay though to have a little half enclosed room connected to the open space.

If you head down the open hallway, you’ll arrive at the bedroom:

Nothing too amazing in here, as it is a starter, but you can’t beat the view!

Across the way, you’ll find the full bath:

And at the very end of the hallway, an area to lounge and again take in the views:

Here are some images of the property and room layouts.  Roofs up:

Roofs down:




Clearview Starter is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath single story home that costs $18,436 and is situated on a 20×15 lot (I used Raffia Quinta in Oasis Springs).  It has been thoroughly play tested, and the only thing to be aware of is that sims will sometimes route through the glass “walls.”  This is because the display cases are actually placed in the basement and don’t really exist at the sim’s level.  If it bothers you, once you have the funds, you could build a fountain around the glass or place other non-routable objects to block the sims.  Another thing to keep in mind is that while you can click on objects to have the sim use them, such as clicking on the couch and having your sim sit, you can’t just click on the “floor” inside the case to have your sims route there.

If you’re interested in taking a look at Clearview Starter in game,  click here to download the build from the online Gallery.  Or, if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Please be sure to place the home in build mode, so that lighting colors and intensities are preserved.


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