Ra’s Tower

I recently purchased some of the stuff packs and game packs for The Sims 4 and while taking a closer look at some of the new objects, I was particularly drawn to the Candle’s Crib light from the Perfect Patio stuff pack.  On a whim, I enlarged it (a ton) and thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if I could make a home that looks like this…  Using Basement Spaces, a technique I developed for my Clearview series, I was able to do just that!  I’m very pleased with how it turned out:

I wanted to create a video tour for this home, but my computer is currently in the process of dying.  I can still do things like write this blog article, but every time I attempt to run The Sims 4, my graphics card crashes in fairly short order.  I am certain that if I tried to add Fraps to the load, the whole thing would probably explode!  I’ve ordered a new computer (which I’m super excited about), but it will be a couple of weeks before it arrives, and I am not patient enough to wait to publish this build.  Thus, we’ll do it the old fashioned way with static images.  Here are more of the exterior.  Front:

Right Side:


Left Side:

Because I did a lot with color in this build, I’d also like to show you some night shots.  Front:

Right Side:


Left Side:

Moving on to the interior, there are two levels to explore.  Downstairs, the first thing you see is the stairway at the entry:

You’ll see that I placed some of the artwork I did for my Vivid Art Gallery on this lot, as the focus on color is similar.  To the left, you enter the living area:

I used multiple fish tanks for some eye candy here, but the standout feature is the modern, animated fireplace I created.  You really must see it in game!

At the end of the corridor, you can enter the bathroom.  Here is the view back down the hall from that area:

And here is the bathroom.  There is only one bathroom on the lot, so I wanted to make it a special, luxurious space.

I focused on color and unique art.

And then I wanted to bookend the bathtub with fish tanks:

Had we gone right at the stairs instead of left, we would have seen the dining area:

And kitchen:

You may notice that this kitchen does not have a stove.  As with my Clearview series, unfortunately objects like stoves and grills do not work inside an enlarged object placed via basement spaces (whereas many other interactive objects do).  With my Clearview homes, I was able to work with the space in order to attach a separate room or area for the stove that connected to the kitchen, but that didn’t work in this case because the Candle’s Crib light has an absolutely gigantic collision box.  My solution was to set up a nice outdoor dining area in the back, well away from the collision box, with a grill that could be used in place of the stove:

Naturally, I also added the new hot tub!

Heading back into the house and upstairs, you’ll find an extremely large and luxurious master bedroom area.

I wanted to work with the natural structure at the top of the Candle’s Crib light, which I think makes a really nifty and unique accent for the room (the “bars” that go around it).  I originally considered dividing up this space in order to provide more bedrooms, but given the beauty of the pyramid skylight, I really didn’t want to.  Check out that view!

And here’s a daytime shot of the skylight from within the room as well:

So instead, I created an open space, with special touches throughout, including a second animated fireplace, dressing area, piano, stereo and office space.

Note that sims can use the computer, but in one of the little idiosyncrasies of basement spaces, they must sit down in the chair first.

Here are some views to show you the overhead layout of the property:

Here’s a shot looking down through the skylights into the master bedroom:

2nd Level:

1st Level:

Closer view of the Bathroom layout:

Ra’s Tower is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath two story home that costs $93,026 (I was originally shooting for a mid-range price, but I got a bit carried away with pack objects) and is situated on a 20×15 lot (I used Nookstone in Oasis Springs).  It has been thoroughly play tested, and the only thing to be aware of besides the computer requiring that the sim sit first (as described above) is that sims will sometimes route through the glass “walls” of the structure.  This is because the enlarged Candle’s Crib light is placed in the basement and doesn’t really exist at the sim’s level.  If it bothers you, you could place fencing or other non-routable objects around the area to block the sims.

If you’re interested in taking a look at Ra’s Tower in game,  click here to download the build from the online Gallery.  Or, if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Please be sure to place the home in build mode, so that lighting colors and intensities are preserved.



Chīsana Hōseki (Little Gem)

I was intrigued by a new challenge called “Try Your Luck” in the 4Sims4 Builder’s Contest thread, in which creators were asked to do random dice rolls to determine the build type, lot size, and budget for their builds.  As usual, my luck was a mixed bag.  I rolled Asian style, which is a style I do enjoy, and I rolled 30×20 which is a good size to work with, but of course, I rolled the lowest budget possible, 20k.  Well, I do like a challenge!

I started exploring Pinterest and chose this image as my inspiration:

I particularly liked the idea of placing the home over the water, but given that we don’t have terrain tools in The Sims 4, I would normally be stuck placing the home a full level above the water, which to me looks odd and unnatural.

I had already been toying with the idea of implementing mini levels using basement spaces, so I decided to try my hand at it using the free debug ponds.  It took some doing to get the height that I wanted while still keeping it natural (and in the meantime eating up my valuable budget on landscaping!), but I’m pleased with the end product, Chīsana Hōseki (Little Gem):

Here are additional shots of the exterior.  Front:

Here’s a closer look at the balcony:

Here is a night shot where you can better see the money I invested in sprinklers to give an effect of the water cascading from upper pond to lower.  It’s pretty subtle, and perhaps I shouldn’t have bothered spending the money on them…:

Right Side:


I had fun with debug objects here constructing a little deco dock with tackle box and fishing pole:

Left Side (which is the entry):

I constructed some custom stepping stones out of mailboxes:

Moving inside, you’ll first find the living room.  In order to help make this room pop, I had my sims take photos of a couple of unique Asian CC pictures I liked.  I had some fun with MOO in here too:

From the living room, you can turn left into the small full bath, which also sports a photo of CC art:

Or head straight on into the kitchen, which features a dine-in island, in case you’d prefer not to eat on the balcony:

The kitchen opens to the bedroom, which is kept private by a unique combination of fencing and blinds.  Another photo of CC art in here:

I came up with the name “Little Gem” in no small part due to the custom night stands I set up using debug rings.

Here are images of the property layout, roofs up:

Main level, roofs down:

I couldn’t afford rugs, so I tried to do something special with the flooring design.

Closer look at living/kitchen:

Closer look at bathroom:

Closer look at bedroom:

Overhead view of tiered ponds:

Chīsana Hōseki is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath home that costs $19,979 and is situated on a 30×20 lot (I used Hallow Slough in Willow Creek).  It has been thoroughly play tested, and I found no issues with it.  I do want to note that due to limited funds, I did not place an outdoor trashcan on the property.  However, there is a nearby community trashcan that my sims used without a problem, and as soon as you have the funds, you can of course add one to the property itself.  Also, the photos are pictured with frames, but the Gallery always strips the frames, so if you’d prefer them back on, just have your sim click on them to replace them (it doesn’t cost anything).

Credits:  I had my sim take photos of wall art created by JomSims2 from her Sulfure Zen Living Room 1 and 2 sets.  Note that there is no custom content in the build itself.

If you’re interested in taking a look at Little Gem in game,  click here to download the build from the online Gallery.  Or, if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Please be sure to place the home in build mode, so that lighting colors and intensities are preserved.  Thanks for visiting!