Heartbreak Hotel

I envisioned this build as an alternative to the likely parade of sweetheart houses that will be floating around the Sims 4 Gallery on Valentine’s Day this year.  I have nothing against the holiday, and I’m sure many of those builds will be great.  However, I enjoy a bit of irony and going against the flow, so if you’ve got a lonely or broken-hearted sim, they might get a kick out of moving into this unique home.

Despite the initial appearance, this build is not just for show.  It provides a fully playable 3 level duplex.  Each unit includes living/kitchen/dining, study/gym, and beds/baths, as well as balconies and private backyards with pools.  There is a good deal of personalized art, and I had fun designing my own modern fireplaces (as I often do).  Even with the traumatic theme, there are still romantic touches.  Maybe someday the sims will bridge this broken heart!

Before we take a look at the interior, I’d like to show a bit more of the outdoor spaces.  Back exterior:

Shared entry:

Backyards with pools (yes, each is a half heart), dining, and yoga/sunbathing:

2nd level balcony layout:

3rd level balcony layout:

Moving on to the interior, I’ll start with the unit on the left.  As you enter, you’ll spot a kitchen and dining nook:

To your right is a living area with my take on a modern curved fireplace:

There is also a bookshelf:

Heading on upstairs, I’ve set up the second floor as a work and play space with a small, full bathroom.  The space could easily be reworked to provide a second bedroom if desired, but for now it’s got a home office:

Card table and treadmill:


Proceeding upstairs to the third and final level, the bedroom is set up with separate twin beds as part of the theme, but they of course could be changed out for a full bed should your sim’s prospects improve.

There is also an attached master bathroom:

Heading across to the second unit, there are a lot of similarities but still enough differences in color palette and décor, that I think it’s worth showing you.


Living room with another modern fireplace design:

Another shot of the living room with a view of the dining nook and hanging flat screen TV:

Second floor office/play area:


3rd Floor Bedroom and Master Bath:

Here are top down views of the property and layout:

Heartbreak Hotel costs $162,432 and is situated on a 20×20 lot (I used Mid-Nowhere in Windenburg).  It has been thoroughly play tested, and I found no issues with it.  However, because I elevated some items from the basement for interior design purposes, sims are able to route straight through them (the coffee table in the right hand unit, for example).  If routing through an object bothers you, you can always delete it and replace it with an object of your preference.

If you’re interested in taking a look at Heartbreak Hotel in game,  click here to download the build from the online Gallery.  Or, if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Please be sure to place the home in build mode, so that lighting colors and intensities are preserved.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll enjoy this fun, alternative Valentine’s Day build!


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