PeKing Star

I’ve been very excited for EA’s next game pack for The Sims 4, Dine Out, which was released on 6/7/16.  I wanted to create a modern Asian restaurant, somewhat inspired by the architectural style of P.F. Chang’s.  PeKing Star is the result.  In this build, I focused a great deal on trying to do something interesting with the roof instead of just having the gaping holes that we typically see when using half walls to create the illusion of structural elevation:

I also tried my hand at creating decorative arched bridges, which turned out to be very challenging but fun to do:

I can’t wait for the day when Maxis gives us functional arched/hanging bridges and/or the ability to create them ourselves.  I definitely spent a lot of time pouring over the details on this one.  Here are additional exterior shots.




Playtesting the interior was a ton of fun, and fortunately, I didn’t have to change much in order to make it functional.  As you enter, here is the hosting station, where you can greet your customers:

And a waiting area.  I found in playtesting that sims seem to just stand around until they are taken to their seats.  It’s too bad they won’t actually go sit while they wait, but I can imagine that it would have taken additional programming.

I set up 12 tables plus a bar.  I wanted to have a good amount of dining space available but without feeling cluttered and with appropriate dividers/privacy for at least some of the tables.  Here are various shots of the interior:

Here’s the waiter’s station with art by Leander Belgraves (not CC, but a painting my sim created of it):

And here is the chef’s station as seen from a customer’s viewpoint, followed by shots of the kitchen interior:

The bathrooms are relatively small; I tried to make them cute, but it’s not really worth showing.  You can see the design in the overhead layout shots.



PeKing Star costs $245,295 and is situated on a 40×30 lot (I used Municipal Muses in Willowcreek).  It has been thoroughly play tested, and I found no issues with it.

If you’re interested in taking a look at PeKing Star in game,  click here to download the build from the online Gallery.  Or, if you prefer, you can search for it in the game Gallery by its name, or by my hashtag, #bryscreations.  Please be sure to place the home in build mode, so that lighting colors and intensities are preserved.  I hope you have fun dining in and/or managing it!


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