Just thought I’d give you a preview of the upcoming 3 (yes, 3!) builds I’m working on.  I normally work on one project at a time, but I’m kind of enjoying the variety and ability to switch from one to the other when I’m stumped on one or get an idea for another.

Here are the inspiration homes:

70's Inspired

This is the first home I started work on.  I don’t know if it’s really a 70’s home.  It has modern elements, but something about it hearkens me back to that decade.


The Austere

This is the second home I started.  I was really struck by this image from Luxhomes.  It’s deceptively simple looking at first sight, but to actually implement it in the Sims has been the most difficult task of the 3 WIPs so far.  The entire bottom level is left to my imagination as well, just for an added challenge.  However, I’m extremely fond of moderns, so I really enjoy working on this one.

Fairfax Mansion

For this WIP, I was looking for a more classic, traditional home to build, and I like that this one has a touch of faded glory.  I also really like its intricate architecture.  It’s a challenge but not a ridiculously difficult one the way some of the more elaborate mansions tend to be.

I am currently working on the exteriors of all 3 homes, so still in the early stages of building with landscaping and interiors yet to be done.  As I’ve mentioned before, with two little children, I’m just not able to move along as quickly on these as I might like.  But I promise, they will get done – not sure which one first, but all 3 eventually!

So, which home(s) appeal to you?