Redhead Roundup

Blonds may have fun, but redheads can rock a photoshoot too.  Here are some new sims to bring a little color to your game.  Just click on the headshot to download the sim:

Bailey Jamison

Charley Duncan

Christine Fenton

Myron Davis

Yvonne Moreau

Martin Reeves

Wren Garson

As you may notice above, I’ve been experimenting with using large and wall-sized paintings in the game as backgrounds.  I like the effect they can create when I can get the sim at the right distance to create the proper perspective.  It’s also interesting how lighting changes can affect the color and intensity of the paintings.  I suppose it’s the equivalent to photoshopping a background, but I’m doing it in the game. 😛  Which brings me to the topic of editing.  No one’s ever asked me, but I do edit the headshots of the sims I post.  However, my edits are minimal.  I usually add a framing effect to the shot, and sometimes I add highlights and/or shadows to bring out the drama, but I do so with a light hand.  I really like the raw screen shot to speak for itself, especially since taking part in the Strike a Pose competition, in which editing was not allowed.


Friends…Enemies…Sisters – Part 4



Chapter 4

In the last chapter, our two Frio couples had discovered that they were both in the family way.  They’ve decided to move on to larger digs, but the two sisters are unwilling to be separated by even a block, and so the families have chosen a lovely new duplex to share.


Glory and Connor enjoy the bright, spring-pink interior of their new home.


Veronica and Jared like their home’s cooler color palette but spend most of their free time outdoors, enjoying the pool.


Glory is pleased to have the space to throw more campaign fundraiser parties.  The fundraisers are really starting to help her to grow in her political career.  She’s glad Lucia decided to attend this one; she’s still very fond of the girl.


But it’s clear that Veronica still harbors quite a bit of resentment toward her.  As soon as she finds Lucia alone, she attacks.


Connor doesn’t care for the seamier side of his job, but if he wants to dig up the dirt on people for the local paper, he has to do so literally.


Fortunately, he can perform the write-up in his clean, cozy office nook.


And all that midnight scrounging does finally pay off in a big promotion!


Glory may not have agreed with his methods, but she knows Connor has always told the truth in his stories, and she’s very proud of him.


The upside to washing dishes in her new kitchen is definitely the view.


Veronica is trying to stay in shape while pregnant, but it’s not easy.


Glory keeps in shape by swimming, and all the woohoo with Connor doesn’t hurt either!  Those two are so in love…


Jared is still affectionate with Veronica, but he’s not as passionate as he was before she started showing.  He knows he wasn’t the greatest father to his daughter Lucia, and he doubts he’ll do any better with this child.  It makes him feel like pulling away.


Veronica is not surprised to find her sister studying up on infant care even while taking a walk.  In her opinion, Glory always goes overboard trying to be perfect with everything she does.


And the time has come, Glory’s gone into labor!  She’s excited, but Connor is freaking out.  “It’s time to go to the hospital, honey.  Don’t worry, I’ll drive,” she tells him.


Meanwhile, Veronica’s home alone when she goes into labor.  It about knocks her down almost as soon as it starts, and she can’t reach Jared on the phone.  She heads to the hospital alone.


Several hours later, Glory and Connor emerge, the proud new parents of a beautiful baby boy, Jeremy Frio.


Jared eventually checks his cell phone messages and heads for the hospital.


Veronica has already given birth to their daughter, Caressa, and is on her way out.  She was not pleased to go through the entire labor and birth on her own.


Once home, the reality of caring for an infant sets in.  All the reading Glory’s done still doesn’t prepare her for a colicky baby.  She tries everything, but he cries continually.


Only Connor can get a smile and a coo out of him.


Caressa doesn’t have colic, but Veronica feels completely out of her element when it comes to taking care of a baby.


And Jared’s not really interested in lending a hand.  He is doing all the cooking though, and since he’s becoming an accomplished chef, Veronica can’t complain in that department.


Poor Caressa.  Both of her parents tend to ignore it when she does cry.


Fortunately, Connor, the baby whisperer, doesn’t mind lending a hand.


He’s really excellent with both infants.


Swiftly the day comes for the babies to advance into the toddler stage.


Glory is excited.  She hopes that she’ll be able to be a more active mother to Jeremy now that the colic has passed.


And here he is, ready to start learning to walk and talk!


Caressa is next.  Veronica somewhat dreads going from the simple tasks of feeding and diapering to more complex ones like potty training.


It looks like Caressa will be a happy child…  Not!


Glory dives into Jeremy’s education, and it doesn’t take her long to figure out what little boys like to talk about.


Jared remembers that the toddler stage was a fun one with Lucia, so he doesn’t mind working with Caressa.  He tries to get her interested in music.


Jeremy definitely loves his xylophone.


But Caressa finds hers annoying and just wants to teethe on the mallet.


It’s not long before Jeremy moves on to learning to walk.


And Caressa is doing the same, with Veronica’s dubious help.


It may be that Veronica is just a bit scared of her daughter…


It’s clear that Glory dearly loves her son.


And Veronica and Caressa are starting to bond a bit.  They both enjoy admiring themselves in the mirror anyway.


Glory makes the mistake of asking Veronica to watch Jeremy for her for a couple hours.


That’s right, Jeremy, it’s best if you don’t meet her eyes.  You’d be scared silly if you did right now.


Poor Jeremy!  We knew this wouldn’t end well.


Veronica just couldn’t resist the impulse to steal Jeremy’s lollipop.  Yummy!


Jared has had a rough day at work, and it looks like his day is getting a lot worse, because he’s aging up into his “golden” years.


‘Nothing golden about ‘em,’ he thinks.


Veronica finds it tough to accept that her husband is now an elder.  She’s escaping the house and jogging around town as often as she can.


This leaves Caressa all alone a good percentage of the time.


At night, she sits outside on the front porch and picks her nose, waiting for someone to come home and remember her.


Things are going very well for Glory and Connor.  They love being parents and are ready to add to their family.


Jared is having to endure kitchen fire after kitchen fire at work.  It’s really getting on his nerves.


Veronica can’t believe she’s being asked to do her wifely duty for a man who’s not only old but crispy!


Caressa’s main enjoyment in life thus far is taunting Jeremy about his lack of stack building skills from across the activity table.


But Jeremy never gives up, and he is not intimidated.


Jared has finally gotten a big promotion, and feels like his career is getting to be where he wants it to be.


Veronica’s back to taking out her aggressions on random people at the gym.  She seems more irritable than usual these days (although she’s usually very irritable, so it’s hard to tell).


It looks like Glory and Connor’s attempts to get pregnant again have paid off!


Uh oh.  It looks like Veronica is pregnant as well, and the last thing she wanted was another baby!


By contrast, Glory is over the moon with happiness.


Veronica is already absolutely miserable dealing with Caressa’s refusal to potty train and constant crankiness.  Now she has to deal with all the aches and pains of pregnancy too.


At least it’s time for the little brat to age up into childhood.  Veronica hopes that she will be much more independent as a child.


Oh, and it would be nice if the cross-eyed thing would go away.


Well, here she is, a child with a giant chip on her shoulders.  Who can really blame her though?


And now, Jeremy’s about to grow up a bit too.  It’s a much happier day for him, of course.


Oh yeah, nothing but rainbows and sunshine ahead for this kid!


Caressa can’t stand him.  So, what will happen when the next round of babies are born?  Will Jared and Veronica provide their second child with a bit more love and attention than their first, or will things get even worse?  Will Jeremy be a loving older brother or a jerk?  It probably goes without saying what kind of older sister Caressa will be…  Find out definitively though in Part 5.

A Bevy of Blonds

Do blonds have more fun?  Add these sims to your game and find out (just click on the image to download)!

Angeline Bryant, a CAS genetics experiment


Daphne Moreau, a CAS genetics experiment


Lora Wells, born in-game - not classically beautiful but unique


Irene Mayfield, a CAS genetics experiment


Jenna Meyers, a CAS genetics experiment


Roland Moreau, born in-game